Briere A Hab

5’10”, 181 pound free agent Daniel Briere has signed a two-year deal with the Habs and I suppose it’s possible this could be fine as he’s been a bit of thorn in the Habs’ side over the years. Scored the odd big goal against my team. Made me curse at my T.V. screen several times.

Now he’s on our side. I hope I won’t be cursing him for completely different reasons.

He had a chance to become a Canadien a few years back but wasn’t interested, even though he’s a good Quebec boy. And since he was recently unemployed and hoping a team would have him, now he’s happy to be coming to Montreal. It kinds of burns my ass slightly.

Does he have much of a downside? Not really, other than he’s a shrimp and the team needs to get bigger, not smaller. And he’s almost 36 years old. And he’s not the player he once was.

But other than these few things, it’s all upside.

Prime Time Sports talk show host Bob McCown wrote in his book “100 Greatest Hockey Arguments” that hockey is probably the only sport where three fans can watch the same game at the same time and all three can disagree with what they saw. And the same holds true for speculation involving players coming to teams.

You can disagree with me completely on this, but I don’t like this signing. The same as I wasn’t crazy about the prospect of Vincent Lecavalier coming to Montreal. I don’t want guys on their way out, even if they did burn the Habs in a big way over the years. Because much of their former burning has been snuffed out with a wet blanket owned by Mother Nature’s old man, Father Time.

Of course I hope I’m wrong and you call me on it seven or eight months from now when Briere shows he’s the perfect fit and Marc Bergevin once again looks like Sam Pollock. But for now, I feel the Canadiens already have their quota of small forwards, and adding another, who happens to be almost 36 years old, isn’t going to make me run down the streets of St. Hubert whooping and hollering.

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  1. If Daniel Briere is 5″10, I’m Brad Pitt! I’ve met him, and I looked down at him (and I’m 5″9).

    I don’t like the signing either. The only way I’d be happy with it is if it means that David Desharnais will be wearing a different team’s uniform next season. That, I could accept.

  2. Let’s hope that the other shoe is yet to drop and that all shall be made clear. On a positive note, he can’t be softer than Ryder, the guy whom he replaces.

  3. Wow, just reading about Briere right here, right now. I’m with you on this one, Dennis. And I’m even less happy after you saying he’s 36. He’s on his way out. Truth is, I just don’t think we have a vast pool of players to pick from, so we settled on him. Like Ian said, if we can trade DD maybe that’ll be a good thing. Wow, Briere.

  4. Hey Dennis, How are things in Montreal? I hope all is well with Luci and yourself.Briere…not a good fit, what is Bergevein thinking? I cant believe they would chase down the ufa’s after the way their rookies played last year and what they have on the farm to backstop their own team. Not a good thing My friend, I hope all is well

  5. I too, was a lot disappointed when I read about this. But I like MB better than Gainey and Gauthier. And I would pick Briere over Ryder most days of the week. And the fact he is coming back to Mtl will make him play harder. I think its a good bet he will help our pp and go to the front of the net more than our 6′ guys.

    I think we place too much emphasis on being over 6′. Most of the guys in the NHL are rich privileged pretty boys who want to protect their teeth and their looks. I’m almost 5’5″ and I used to scare the shit out of kids in soccer and putting them on their ass. 5’10”? 6’1″? it doesn’t really matter. Ryder was 6’2″ but he played the boards like a wimp. He was a chickenshit as are most of our 6’+ forwards. Get the guys who don’t mind bloody noses and I’ll take them over some rich kid who has endorsement contracts. Briere wants to win and he won;t do any worse than our crappy 6′ guys any day (remember AK47 6’3″?).

  6. Mayo, you say some good things but what about the fact that’s he’s old and has lost a step.

  7. All’s well, Derry. I’ve got three days in now at work and I think it’s going good. It’s really hot and humid now and that’s fine. I whined about the rain out west. Have you heard my buddy Scwartz on the radio in Prince George yet?

  8. Marjo, Giroux would’ve been perfect. Younger, talented, bilingual. We’ll probably get him when he’s 37.

  9. Danno, if he can play with a bit of an edge and score some big goals it’d be great. I guess it’s a wait and see kind of thing.

  10. Right anvilcloud. Although Ryder came in with a bang and scored some goals. We need guys who play in the regular season AND the playoffs.

  11. Ian, I thought I was Brad Pitt. And yes, a trade off like yous say would work fine. Maybe DD will just had an off-year and will be better next season.

  12. Honestly, Dennis, MB earned a lot of currency with the fans with the way he took charge and his initial moves. However, his moves over the last few months (the DD contract extension, the Kristo trade, the signing of Briere) leave me more than a little confused and unimpressed.

  13. Yeah Ian. He really was impressive. And he three you mention are head-scratchers, but to be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with Kristo’s play. And DD was good two years ago and suddenly….whoosh. Does all this mean we’re still several years away from the prize? I was hoping we were inching so close we could taste it. But maybe not.

  14. I think DD’s performance dropped when Cole left. They had a good chemistry.

    As per Briere, I just told my son ten minutes ago and his face completely lid up. NHL13 players might know something we don’t.

  15. Twitter was amazing yesterday about this. The amount of people who lost their minds (in a negative sense) was amazing. I don’t think I can remember us picking up a player who caused such a divide like Briere did yesterday.

    The guy hasn’t played a single game and you’d think he was going to be the reason all our hopes are now over if you listened to some people.

    I doubt he’ll be as bad as Gomez but I’m not expecting a superstar either. I just hope this doesn’t mean we trade Pleks.

    Funny thing is, I started a Briere picture 2 years ago and never finished it. Maybe that’s the secret way of getting people to be traded here. So what I should do is start one of Giroux and don’t finish it and start one of Crosby and don’t finish it..

    I’m working on a Bergeron one now – maybe I should stop so he’ll come here. 🙂

  16. The difference between Briere and Gomez is Briere seems to want to win. I don’t think his heart has ever been questioned. Gomez floated and didn’t try at all. He just smiled and did that stupid skate up the middle then lost the puck. Briere can score and and is effective if he’s healthy. AND only $4M. I cringe when a player makes over $7M. It will be sweet when we have a true bonafide $7M+ player like a Giroux or a Luongo.

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