Brief Pause To Explain Why. Plus…How To Be A Lousy Host To The Canucks

I’ve been very late in replying to some great comments regarding the team having less points than last year as I’ve just been reading them now, almost a day later.

The problem was, I was over on Vancouver Island getting my eyes checked. I had surgery on my left eye last year but things have started to get blurry lately. Heck, sometimes I can’t even see clearly all the bad passes, bad penalties, and lacklustre play. So I finally had it looked at. It turns out my eye is swollen and inflamed on the inside and I have to take some steroid drops for several months. And if that doesn’t work, they’re gonna shove a needle in my eye which the doc says is risky business.

But this is why I remained quiet after you sent in some great comments.

The Habs need this game tonight against Vancouver in so many ways. And even though the injuries continue, it should never stop everyone else from playing hard, playing pissed off, forechecking like they’ve never forechecked before because this causes turnovers which is a beautiful thing. Hit hard, skate hard, get the jersey soaking wet. Kick ’em in the teeth and groin. Talk trash. Tell them their mothers wear army boots. Fight them in the pre-game warmup. Shoot lots. Offer to take on the whole bench. Remind them they’ve never won the Cup.

I want to see these guys all business tonight. They’re the dark subject of newspapers, radio, TV, jokes, blogs, the watercooler, bus stops, maybe even when Hab fan couples are making love. We’re a disappointed bunch. (Imagine what it would be like to be Leafs fan?) But if we see a big effort, we’re more forgiving.

No one likes to be criticized round the clock. So how can they fix it? Play like it’s the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals. Play in a foul mood. Play like you’re not going to take it anymore.

And start by beating Vancouver. But be careful with the Sedin’s.

9 thoughts on “Brief Pause To Explain Why. Plus…How To Be A Lousy Host To The Canucks”

  1. Hey Dennis, good luck with your eye but watch it with that steroid stuff or you’ll wind up like that guy’s picture you put up to replace Laraque!
    And yes, our guys have to pull out all stops tonight against the Vancouver Cannots. We’ll be back in a playoff spot if we win and Atlanta loses to Tampa Bay.
    Then we can all get back to planning the parade again.

  2. Danno, I thought I did look like that guy, but then I just looked again and I don’t. I was sure. And those Cannots – geez I want their asses kicked. And when they go to a bar after the game, I want the bouncer to kick their asses too.

  3. Hey Dennis;I hope all goes well with your eyesight,i’m sure it will.Habs have to play Carey Price tonite,just cause.I think he may be able to get it done this time,what have they got to lose.

  4. Ok, Dennis…..I hope you are happier now…..apparently your team now has the redhot goaltender………..nice work on our 7 game winning streak. Oh, I’m sorry–do you know what that is???/

  5. Ah Dennis, I’m glad someone in the East still remembers how to play hockey. I may have a few typos here since I’m still wiping the tears from my eyes with my black and gold hankie.

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