Brian Burke Out

Brian Burke is now unemployed. Maybe he’s better off.

The Leafs canned Mr. Burke this morning, and because it happened so soon after the lockout ended, I suppose his bosses had been thinking about this for awhile. The news only broke a few minutes ago so all details will be coming later.

I started out not liking Burke, but after years, beginning when he was a television sports guy for awhile, I began to like him. And the interviews with him after his son passed away moved me and I found myself admiring him. I know a guy in town who charters fishing trips and he’s taken Burke out once or twice, when Burke was running the Canucks. My friend say Burke was relaxed, funny, and a real gentleman. I can believe that.

But then back in the hockey world, with the Leafs, I didn’t like him again. He doesn’t seem the friendliest type, he seems guarded and arrogant. And he raved about Mike Komisarek for awhile before he eventually clued in, and I couldn’t understand why he rated the ex-Hab so highly. I think he wanted to win very badly, and I think having a team like the Leafs must have drove him crazy. I remember the bewildered look on his face after the Leafs crashed and burned last year in the new year. They were going so well, and for some unknown hockey god reason, it all went south. Burke looked like he needed a stiff drink.

It’ll interesting to hear what the Leafs and Burke say about all this.




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  1. Just before noon on the Ottawa sports radio they were discussing Luongo’s contract and how he would be a good fit with Burke in Toronto. Maybe Bell/Rogers really don’t want him as a Leaf.

  2. DK, agree with your thoughts on Burke but saw a TV clip out on the water & he was nameing all the Pelagic birds he saw. Can’t be all bad if he’s a birder!!

  3. Maybe that radio discussion was valid as Burke was replaced by Nonis who was the GM who traded for Luongo.

    What’s the point of replacing Burke with Nonis? Nonis’ career has been following Burke around continuing what he started. That’s like replacing Gainey with Gauthier.

  4. Burke remains with the Leafs as an adviser.

    How good an adviser would you be if you were advising the outfit that just fired you?

  5. I am no fan of Dan Russell (CKNW Sports Talk) but Burke and the Canucks had Russell removed from CKNW because Russell was too tough on the Canucks. CKNW was the radio voice of the Canucks at that time.Russell then did an internet show before finally returning to CKNW.Actually CKNW is a shadow of it’s former self.Another pathetic Corus station now.

    Did you ever hear Jennifer Mather (Burke’s wife) give it to David Pratt in defense of Brian.And Jennifer was so sweet on BCTV.I want Jennifer on my side!

    Finally to quote Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson …. ‘Go Hawks’.

  6. I wonder what Ottawa Leaf Fan thinks of all the generosity coming from Dennis and various Habs fans offering our best during their time of need.

    We’re willing to part with Gomez, Kaberle and the new and improved Bourque.

    It will hurt but we’re classy like that.

    Of course the Leafs will have to give us something very good in return.

    You need to give quality to get quality.

  7. Well Habby Fan’s its another day of Soap Operatics in Leaf Land….The reason Burke is gone is all about his personality…That disheveled blustery confrontational in your face my way or the highway style Burke has. New management at corporate Bell/Telus did not want him to be the face and voice of the franchise…period.. Apparently there where even complaints in house about his use of profanities at meeting with new management.
    What you see with Burke is what you get… The players and people who worked for him all loved him because he always had their backs even as they sucked on the ice.
    Nonis his assistant actually ran the day to day operations so it was easy to go with him. The owners respect Nonis as a good hockey executive and actually gave him a three year extension…..Burke has stocked the leaf farm system well but has yet to draft that elite or impact player…Kadri 7th overall I think may be a bust and the Kessel deal was a huge risk that looks not so good because the Leafs tanked that year and Boston got 2nd overall from them and picked Tyler Seguin . Morgan Reilly was picked just behind HABS Alex G last summer hoping we picked up the next Bobby Orr…

    And thats Habby Fans is all she wrote for the Burkemeister…

    Next up Leafs at Montreal January 19th openers….start your engines

    mmmmm Gomez ,Kaberle ans Bourque…..let me get on the hotline to my main man Nonis in TO

  8. Leaf Fan, it was interesting hear Bob McCown yesterday. He went on and on about how the Leafs board know nothing about hockey, how they only replaced Burke with a Burke disciple, how nothing will ever change in Toronto, and basically, how dumb everyone is there who runs the organization. He said he had no problem with Burke being fired, it was the timing and the replacement that’s the problem, and the way everything is done there. Sounds a tad like some of the Montreal stuff which has gone on over the past few years.

  9. Bobcat Bob McCowan on the Fan590 is really tight with Burkie as far as a sports media journalist in Toronto can be. Burke really ignored the media guys who upset him ..totally cut them out.
    I think its better for the Leafs for Burke to go as his theatrics were starting to wear thin considering the team does not seem to be going anywhere this year with no goaltending and no number one centre (I was hoping it would be your Alex G but you Habby’s beat the Leafs to him….I think Alex G is going to be a stud centre for the Habs

  10. Leaf Fan. Luongo is mentioned as the biggest reason. Burke I guess refused to bring him to Toronto and I don’t blame him. The guy has about 10 years left on his contract with a whole bunch of 6 million dollars a year involved. Not only that, Vancouver wanted Gardiner and Khadr also. I guess for some reason, the powers-that-be wanted Burke to make this deal.

  11. They will not get Gardiner but they may give up on Kadri which might be a mistake.Then again one has to give something up to make a deal. Kadri is a big downer for me because he has such magic hands but really lacks NHL speed as he is easy to catch…
    As far as Burke he took up way to oxygen in the corporate boardroom and his prickly bellicose TV image was to much considering his lack success….

  12. Leaf Fan, I’ve never been a big admirer of Burke but I sure agree with him about not doing the Luongo deal. But having said that, if the Leafs lose 30 or 40 million on the deal, it’s not that big a deal is it? Considering the money they rake in every year.

  13. Money is not an issue in Toronto….The way the Leafs played in the second half last year I dont think Luongo would get them in the playoffs … The thing is the new owners Bell/Rogers media is about media content (on ice quality) and I think the Leafs should get Luongo if they can get him cheap and sign a veteran centreman like Arnott or Langkow short term so they can be respectable..

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