Brian Blowhard

Thanks, Brian Burke, you goonbah.

Now you’ve gone and fired up Bobby Ryan by saying he’s not intense, just before Ryan and his team play the Canadiens on Saturday night.

“That word is not in his vocabulary. It’s never going to be in his vocabulary. He can’t spell intense,” said the silver-haired blowhard Burke, who, the last time I looked, needed a haircut and looked like he’d been on a five-day bender during his firing of Flames GM Jay Feaster.

But Brian Burke is intense. So much so that he works hard on looking and sounding like the smartest man in hockey but usually comes off as one who hasn’t gone to the bathroom in eight days.

And smartest man in hockey? This is the guy who thought Mike Komisarek was amazing.

Now he’s gone and motivated Bobby Ryan to be intense, with the Sens coming to town. The timing couldn’t be worse.

Way to go Burke. You arrogant, overrated prick.

Personally, I don’t care if Bobby Ryan was chosen or not. And I’m happy that Sens fans are unhappy. I hate it when they’re a cocky bunch.

But enough about Burke. What about the upcoming P.K. Subban/Team Canada decision in just a few days?

If P.K. isn’t on the team, it must be a heckuva great defence corps to leave last year’s Norris Trophy winner behind.




6 thoughts on “Brian Blowhard”

  1. Ryan was so motivated, last night he had no points, one shot, and more giveaways than takeaways. I like the new motivated Ryan.

  2. Nope, a shot at Bobby Ryan. He had his chance last night to prove he was fired up and the U.S. team made a mistake, and failed miserably.

  3. One bad game does not prove that Bobby Ryan was not motivated by his snub. Of course, I’m hoping that Tom is right and that he is now sulking, because that would be better for the Habs.

  4. If our guys are all fired up like they were last night against Dallas, it won’t matter if Bobby Ryan is motivated.

    When we skate like the wind we win.

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