8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Leafs Were Toilet-Trained!”

  1. I’ve always said “to each their own” but a toilet??? I love the Habs with all my heart but I think a toilet is taking that love a little too far. It’d be more like a “I like you as a friend” kind of situation.

    So it looks like things are picking up in the lockout. Go figure. I still won’t get my hopes up until the puck hits the ice though.

  2. A former Leafs player was at a urinal one time, and met up with a member of the Canadiens alumni. They didn’t speak much, but acknowledged one another with knowing glaces. The Leaf player finished his business first, washing his hands in the sink. The Canadiens player, however, simply zipped his fly and began walking out. The Leafs player turned to him and said, “In Toronto, we were taught to rinse our hands after a pee.” To which the Hab replied, “That’s funny. In Montreal, we didn’t even need to be taught not to piss all over our hands.”

  3. I don’t think this ever happened, I don’t remember ever going to Maple Leaf Gardens as a kid, in the 70s, but somehow I have a memory of going to the washroom in the Gardens. In it I remember pissing in a trough rather than a urinal. Even more oddly others were pissing into the same trough from the other side. Face down, making sure to aim straight down with no splatter.

    Is this memory remotely possible, or pure BS?

  4. Christopher, I seem to recall troughs at the Gardens. Hobo might be able to tell us better. He was there quite a bit. Troughs were common back the and in fact, the Inn in Powell River, which is now closed, had a big trough to pee in. The part that concerns is, that you say there were guys standing opposite. Geez.

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