Breaking News: Judge Sends Gaston To Electric Toaster

I’m not about to go into the gruesome and disgusting details of what Gaston did with the cat and Jack Schitt, and of course the grief he’s caused me over the years. All I know is, what goes around, comes around.

Is Gaston toast? Or will this crumb butter up the judge, slip some dough under the table, and get himself out of this jam?

14 thoughts on “Breaking News: Judge Sends Gaston To Electric Toaster”

  1. Oh my sweet beautiful toasting lord. That is one fine looking toaster. Does it burn the CH into your toast? Can you program it to burn various taunting remarks at any Leafs fan, so they can get a side order of shame with their bagels?

  2. Dennis, that’s a really fine toaster. And you know the more Habs merchandise we buy the better the team does. That’s just the way it works. So this year should be spectacular.

    And there is a Leafs version of the toaster. The toast come out with the words branded on them:


    I know Gaston is a bastard, but I don’t know Jack Schitt. Anyways I hope he’s okay and the cat too.

  3. DK, knowing what a little bastard Gaston is are you sure he’s not standing on Jack Schitt??
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  4. So, what happened? Did Gaston get himself out of this “jam”? I’m curious to know if he ended up toast or not.

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