7 thoughts on “Breaking News….. Habs-Leafs Clash at Christmas Pageant”

  1. What can I say? Kids dressed so inappropriatly aren’t invited into our parlour.The wallpaper is so freakishly familiar tho’……….Dennis–swing on over to the Canuck’s bandwagon.At least you’ll have a hockey game to watch tonight. Merry Christmas Eve’s Eve.

  2. Everyone, please note. Sandy is a Canucks fans. She hates the Habs. She calls them names. AND SHE WAS BORN IN VAL D’OR, QUEBEC!
    This is what it’s like to live on the west coast. This is why I want the Canucks to fold.

  3. im getting the feeling
    that you’ve done toooo many graveyards, and I have the feeling that that 5.00 will be in my hands at the end of this season………. ask Dick from orillia

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