Breaking News – Diane’s Secret Uncovered

Last year around this time, Diane in Boston decided to switch from being a Bruins fan to a Habs fan, and we celebrated.

But when the Canadiens played in Boston recently, Diane and her sister Nancy were there, and later Nancy emailed me with the disturbing news that Diane had worn her Bruins’ jersey to the game and actually applauded when Boston scored.

Now Diane, after learning that Nancy has ratted her out, has come clean and admits she likes both teams but  just can’t give up on her home team, and she still has crushes on Bobby Orr and Cam Neely.

This is such a shocking turn of events. Heck, I’d even promised Diane an upper-management position when I buy the team. But if I go ahead and do this now, others will think we have a spy in our midsts. Everything’s been turned upside down, all because she had to wear her Bruins jersey.

17 thoughts on “Breaking News – Diane’s Secret Uncovered”

  1. Ah, my kind words to your blog will be blocked out now and I’m kicked to curb, eh? The Bruins are like those misfit, bad boys you date but shouldn’t. The Habs, fresh-faced, enterprising men you love as well.

    Still love hockey, hate the Leafs. Doesn’t that count for something? 🙁

  2. No Diane, if you keep the kind words coming then little by little this ultra-shock will go away. So you must say many kind words to speed up the process.

  3. It’s pretty hard to make a mental choice to switch teams. You can change your mind, but it’s hard to change your heart — as misplaced as it may be.

  4. Yep, AC. Her heart won out. But she still likes the Habs, just not as much. Regardless, I’m still going to hire her when I buy the team.

  5. i guess diane can be commended for not jumping ship but it is terrible for her to let on she became a habs fan when in fact she hadn’t. deceitful. it’s like cheating on your spouse, but way worse………… if not for habileaks she would still be engaged in this terrorist activity and we would be none the wiser. she should be made to wear a leaf jersey to all bruin games and to bed………….. may the rocket have mercy on your soul.

  6. Hey Dennis. The little Power Rankings doodad still believes in us. Even after all the ups and downs we’ve had, we’re still holding at fourth place.

  7. Danno, somehow they’ve managed to be 5th overall in the entire leage, behind Washington, Detroit, Philly, and Pittsburgh. I have no idea how they’re doing it. Half the team’s been in a 25 game slump and our defence is supposed to be too old. Can’t be all Carey Price, can it? Has to be smoke and mirrors. Jacques Martin is the 21st century’s Harry Houdini.

  8. Diane, what happened to that little black dress and pearls you promised yesterday to wear when the Canadiens visit? How can you go from that to a Bruins jersey?

    Crushes on Orr and Neely are understandable, cheering a good goal can be forgiven, but wearing the B is a big no no.

  9. It’s just those extra things I do for you when you’re out of town!!!!!

    Ya I know-“You bast..d!!!!

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