Brandy’s People Project

Acclaimed Victoria-based artist Brandy Saturley, whose work you’ve seen here and which you can see again right here, has come up with a cool project idea.

She calls it the People of Canada Project and is asking folks to send her photos like the one below, and at the end of 2014, twenty will be selected from the ones submitted and used as portrait references.

So if you and a friend or partner want to become immortalized by a great Canadian artist and have your portrait hung in an art gallery, just read her link below to see how to do it, send her your photo, and become famous!

The plan is to exhibit all of the photos along with the painted portraits in a Canadian venue/gallery as part of Canada150 celebrations.

The link with all the details is here – People of Canada project.

Brandy suggests you try to do something that sort of mirrors the famous Grant Wood painting, as this couple below did.

Brandy 1


Brandy 2

2 thoughts on “Brandy’s People Project”

  1. ‘I noticed Mr. Kreider on a breakaway tonight, and even when tripped from behind, found the wherewithal to brake and steer away from Jonathan Quick, and go collapse in a pathetic whiny heap in the corner while trying to draw a penalty call. And I wondered if, or more accurately, understood that, it was a function of the shamelessness of his prior bulldozing assaults on goalies, now nicely compendiumed on YouTube, and the gajillion cameras trained on him that made him decide to not try the Fleury-Anderson-Price manoeuvre.

    A pox on you Boo Shirts. May you lose Games 3 and 4 all at once on Monday, and have a collective bathroom accident on the ice in front of your fans.

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    Says it as well I view. Them rangers are getting their own back… he says, what most of us Habs fans are feeling and thinking.

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    Hockey and the Habs never ends! hahahh Good night.

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