15 thoughts on “Brand New Topic For The Rumour Mill – Lemaire Coaching Habs”

  1. I really hope not. This is the guy that made NJ into what they are today. I guaranty he would turn Mtl into the same trapping, boring team. We haven’t been the “Flying Frenchmen” very much but under Lemaire we couldn’t even hope. Remember Lafleur? Do you remember why he retired? Look at Marion Gaborik over the last number of years. Now substitute Kovalev for Gaborik. But NJ won a cup under Lemaire. True but that was early in Lemaire’s tenure and then he left. Why would he leave? And what has he done in Minnesota? Starting from the ground with years to build he coached a team to, well nowhere really. It would be a mistake of epic proportions. At least that’s what I think but as of yet Bob Gainey hasn’t called to ask me my opinion.

  2. Apparently the Wild players have been complaining about his habit of scheduling practices soon after games. And you’re right about Lafleur. Two old friends ended up not liking each other because of the way Lemaire used him.

  3. Well DK, after reading the sports section and seeing Lemaire was stepping down and leaving the Wild I turned to my wife & said Canadiens no coach Gainey in control, Lemaire a team mate, could there be something going on ?! I agree with dishonest john it would be a huge set-back .
    If you have it check out the final game at the Forum and during the ceramony watch the expression on Lafleurs face when Lemaire is introduced, if looks could kill Lemaire would be a dead man .
    Cheers from the East “GO Habs GO” !!!!

  4. There has been lots of rumours about possible coaches. Who would you rather see behind the bench next season? I’m not sure but I think I’d rather have Jaques Lemaire than Patrick Roy as a coach.

    BTW here’s my playoff predictions: BOS in 7, WAS in 5, NJ in 6, PIT in 4, ANA in 5, DET in 5, VAN in 6, CHI in 5.

    What do you think of the World Cup coming up soon? I know you don’t focus very much on the World Cup since you win it every year. Here in Sweden it’s the biggest thing next to the olympics.

  5. Hello EKGD. How’s everything in Sweden?
    I love the World Championships but the focus here is on the Stanley Cup. But I completely understand that’s it’s a big thing in Europe. I can tell you, we used to get completely excited about the Canada Cup. But they’re no longer. Wish they were.
    I never wanted Patrick Roy as coach of the Canadiens, and when I think about it, I agree with the other readers about Jacques Lemaire. He’d have the team playing the trap and it would be quite boring. He also has a history of alienating some players.
    Who would I want to coach them? Larry Robinson. Or me.

  6. Why should it be an either/or choice between Lemaire and Roy? I’d rather have neither of them. Here’s my choices in this respect: Pat Burns as head coach, Roger Neilson as his asst, Topham chief scout, DK as the stickboy, jordy as the all-purpose whipping boy, Sandy and jan’scanuckleheadhouse as the good girl/bad girl mascot – of course, jan must first off that miserable blight on the face of Habs hockey, Youppi. A bas, Youppie!

    Playoffs? No frickin’ idea, which is what makes the Stanley Cup playoffs so exciting.

    World Cup? Oh yeah, biggest single-most dramatic sporting event, including the Os, going. It would be much better if they banned the Italian side – they are so Jacques Lemaireian. I would luuuv to see Scotland and/or Ireland win it one year but, alas, if they do manage to get past the first round they will inevitably be too sauced to do more than wave good-bye to the balls sailing by into their nets. As for Sweden, hey, if you hire Mats Naslund as your coach and play like a Canadian hockey team you have a good chance to win it all … maybe have Roy’s son as your inspirational poster boy.

  7. Jim. My take on EKGD’s comment was he meant the World Championships, not soccer’s World Cup. But I could be wrong. And is stickboy all I’m good for? What about making sure the players’ wives are comfortable?

  8. Everything s fine in Sweden. Spring is on it’s way, at last.

    Jim: I didn’t mean Lemaire or Roy was the only options. But those are the ones that the media has been gossiping the most about. At least what I’ve heard from over here.

    Actually Mats Näslund is the General Manager of Team Sweden and Bengt-Åke Gustafsson (http://washingtoncapitalslegends.blogspot.com/2007/07/bengt-ake-gustafsson.html) is the head coach.

    I have not started to think about he world cup of soccer yet as it’s not until next summer. If Sweden doesn’t qualify I will cheer for Spain as they were awesome when they won the european championship last year.

  9. DK, I was just being stooooooopid which is really quite enjoyable at times and quite in tune with `fandom’. Actually, I think you’re quite versatile and could also be the water-boy as well as the towel jockey. Of course, if I had any say in the matter, I would, with the greatest of glees, appoint Gaston your superior.

  10. It’d be a breeze if Gaston was my superior because I’d get away with murder. He’d be too busy sleeping or chasing skirts in the front office to bother about me slacking off. Actually, I can’t even imagine. Gaston a boss. I can only shake my head.

  11. hi there
    lemaire in montreal…..mmmmm i think it is possible,gainey and lemaire go back a long way, but now is the time to win,LES CANADIENS contre les BRUINS


  12. Danny, I was asking about you at work just last night. How’ve you been. I haven’t seen you in a couple of months and I hope you’re doing great.

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