Brand New Hab

A hearty welcome to Moscow-born (and Saskatoon Blades) forward Nikita Scherbak, chosen by the Canadiens with their first pick (26th), although Marc Bergevin says they had him at 15th for skaters and was surprised he was still around when it came time to choose.

From Moscow to Saskatoon, and sometime in the next few years, hopefully a full-time job in Montreal.

Time marches on. In 1972 when the Summit Series was played, Nikita’s mom and dad might not have been born yet.

Now we have Nikita, with a year in the WHL with the Blades under his belt, which not that long ago would’ve been unheard of, and speaking English, albeit with a heavy accent which is to be expected of course. You should hear my French accent.

I remember when it was truly strange to hear Valeri Kharlamov say a simple English “thank you” when interviewed with a translater in ’72. Completely unusual, although maybe you had to be there.

Now, after just a year in Canada, young Scherbak was a delight, and like Alex Galchenyuk a few years back, I liked him right away.

Again, welcome Nikita.

4 thoughts on “Brand New Hab”

  1. Just once wouldn’t you like to hear a GM say “Well the guy we wanted was already gone so we just grabbed the guy with a cool name.|” Anyway like you Dennis that interview with Duthie really sold me on this kid. He really comes across with personality and a good head on his shoulders. He certainly didn’t seem like someone who has been here less than a year. Which in itself is amazing. It will be interesting to watch him develop over the next couple of years.
    I wonder how many jerseys they had made up with the names on the back of potential choices?

  2. Going to be good times at the Bell in coming years. Some skill, some spill, some passion, some learning curves and just keep climbing the ladder to the 25th parade!Then when we all meet at the watering hole, I’ll be the designated driver for the tour of champions. Soon be training camp.

  3. The kid sure seems likeable, D-John, and he was rookie of the year in the WHL. I think Bergevin and his team are quite masterful. And we’re gradually getting bigger which is such a beautiful thing. I’m so tired of the media and fans laughing at our size.

  4. Dennis, I too am getting tired of the “small size” rap that the media and the fans have hung on Montreal. It’ll be so nice when this team slowly, but surely, builds this team up into a bigger built contender in a few years and voila, they’ll then also be a serious Cup contender.

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