Brain Freeze

I have writer’s block today. It even took me an hour to think of a title.

I’ve walked 20 miles in the last five days. Is that interesting?

I felt bad for the Japanese male gymnast Uchimura who was a shoo-in for a gold medal in his first event but kept falling and didn’t come close. But I have to get this out; The guy has really hairy black armpits and it’s a nasty distraction.

I haven’t seen any of today’s Olympic action but I’ve read about Canada’s Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel capturing bronze in syncronized 3m diving. I think it’s pretty sad that the Boston Bruins are at this moment attempting to recruit the two of them to play alongside Brad Marchand.

That’s it. I have writer’s block. My brain’s on coffee break.

The pictures are the best I can do.

4 thoughts on “Brain Freeze”

  1. Nice pair of…….pictures, yeah pictures! Hey Dennis et al, while trolling for new stuff to read I went to and went to the habstv site and found a funny video of some of the boys doing a hammer throw at the Brossard facility and then a really great interview with Trevor Timmons talking about the 2012 draft class. The story about Collberg is pretty funny. What I really liked was how relaxed the interview was so if you haven’t already seen this it’s worth a look. Just like the pictures!

  2. DK, I really wish you would cut down the weeds in your yard, first to go that tall one should go FIRST!!!!

  3. Dishonest John, my computer has been acting strange lately and the video is freezing up (Brossard) but I’m going to keep trying. Thanks for the tip.

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