Brad Marchand Says Something Nice

Brad Marchand can be Brad Marchand, which is unfortunate.

And although the big news regarding this guy involves his Stanley Cup tattoo having some spelling mistakes which were crudely corrected, I won’t even bring it up . Except for what I just said, of course.

Instead, I’m going to give credit where credit is due, and for once I really appreciate what the annoying bugger had to say the other day regarding P.K.Subban’s happy celebrations when he scores a goal.

I was quite shocked and appreciative of Marchand for this. In fact, I can hardly believe it was him who said it. It sounds like it came from the Dalai Lama. And for me, a warm glow of niceness is flowing through my veins, which I didn’t expect.

Here’s the newly-matured Brad defending PK’s style:

 “He’s in a market here where people get criticized a lot and whether they’re doing well or not, there is just so much pressure on them. It’s his personality though and that’s how he is. That’s why he’s such a good player. I guess the way you can look at it is any press is good press and he’s doing his job.”

“You don’t want to change what you did to get here. You may want to fine-tune it a bit but for the most part, guys have to stick to what got them in the NHL and be that player. For myself, if I change up too much, I’m not effective but at same time you don’t want to be that guy who goes over the line and makes a fool of yourself or your teammates and take penalties or what not. There definitely is a fine line but the older you get, the more mature you get, the better you get at walking that line.”


8 thoughts on “Brad Marchand Says Something Nice”

  1. I guess the Boston fans will demand he be traded now. How dare anyone say anything nice about PK.

    I did like it last year when Gainey pretty much told the league to shut up about him and they did.

    I never saw anything bad about PK. Yeah he made mistakes here and there but big deal. Every rookie does. They try hard to impress and sometimes come off as a bit obnoxious. People seem to understand that but with PK, it’s different.

  2. Darth, I’ve enjoyed PK’s happiness when he scores. It’s just sheer, youthful, full-tilt love of the game coming from PK. We cheer wildly for a great Habs goal, so why can’t PK? I’d be awfully disappointed if he became just another serious, cliche-ridden player like so many. This is what makes PK so likeable. His enthusiasm, like we had on the ponds and lakes and backyard rinks. His obvious love of the game is what is going to make him a superstar.

  3. That’s absolutely shocking Dennis!

    Please call Wolf Blitzer who’s standing by in the CNN Situation Room so he can bring us the latest on this breaking news story as it unfolds.

    If Brad Marchand – Starley Cup Chanpiar* – can say something nice about PK, surely there’s hope for peace in the Middle East.

    * That’s what BM’s tattoo says

  4. I guess the tattoo artist couldn’t stop staring at his nose long enough to spell “Champion” properly. Maybe it was a secret Habs fan that did it!

    As for the goal-scoring – love some of these moves that players make after a goal. Ovechkin’s goal two years ago (the “my stick is too hot” one) was awesome.

    Sometimes people need to lighten up.

  5. brafsd’s fambily follow dis blog and for the sake of his fambliy he said all the nice stuftf abowt pk ………….. but the last guy i saw with a nose as long as marchant’s was pinocchio.

  6. Darth, if PK was only an ordinary player, not much would get said about his little antics. But because he’s a standout, he stands out.

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