Boys To Men

The kids are staying with the Habs and of course this is great news. They’re so exciting to watch, they’ve injected a healthy dose of vim and vigour into the club, and I’m happy this has transpired, even though the players’ wives may want to mother them instead of me. You see, it’s all about the team, and I’m almost willing to sacrifice the wives’ warmth for the overall good. That’s the kind of guy I am.

Alex Galchenyuk won’t be 19 years old for another two weeks and makes $925,000. When I was 18 I remember having ten bucks once. The best things I owned were a jean jacket and the Sgt. Pepper’s album. The only time I was asked for my signature was at the police station when I was busted for drinking underage. The only time people cheered for me was when somebody admired my long bank into the near corner to win a snooker game at Dino’s pool hall.

Imagine how proud Galchenyuk’s mom and dad must be. It was only a few years ago that he was just a kid, tormenting his sister, being yelled at to turn the music down, leaving his socks all over the place, and being a regular goofy teen who loses most brain cells and gets them back a few years later. And those parties, those crazy nights when he screamed “Rock and Roll!” at the top of his lungs and lunged at giggling girls as he guzzled lemon gin and puked the night away. Of course I don’t know any of this for sure, but he’s a teen, so it must have happened.

Brendan Gallagher’s way older. He 20, so he’s mature. Probably no lemon gin, no screaming, very little puking. Maybe he still hassles his sister but I understand that. The way they spend so much time in front of the mirror and all that.

Hopefully, because Gallagher’s much older, he can guide young punk Galchenyuk along the way. Teach him the ways of the world like older guys do. Wean him off One Direction and skateboards. Take him to the store and get him pants that don’t fall down.

This is how the world evolves. And it will be probably be extremely helpful for the two kids to sometimes be around really old guys, men from another time, a distant past, like Carey Price, who’s 25. But it’s a generation gap. What could they possibly talk about?



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  1. Dennis, I wasn’t expecting any mothering thoughts to occur while you were making the wives comfortable,.

    Danno’s eight ball knows all. PK has signed!!! And for very cheap, $2M this year and $3.75M next year. This is barely more than the reported initial offer of $2.75M per year. The difference may be that that next year’s salary is much more while the drop in this year’s is discounted by about 50% because of the lock-out.

  2. I swear to god Christopher I asked the 8 ball that question and just as it answered “Most likely” at the exactly same time they made the announcement on RDS.

    What are the odds of that happening?

    We got us a bargain. I thought for sure PK would command at least $4M per year.

    I can’t wait to see our one-two punch on the power play. Markov and Diaz on one wave and them PK and Gorges on the other. Our power play is going to be a monster.

  3. PK and maybe Emelin or Weber(if we keep him) or forgive me for saying this KAKAKAKA KABS on the PP.He and Georges will be a regular pairing so Diaz now goes to Boullion and the others will either sit or dare I dream and hopefully traded for either pics or someone who can play top 2 lines. Maybe we will also trade DD and finally place Eller on a line with some real players and regular linemates for the first time in almost 2 years.

  4. dra58, what about Markov? And trades can be good, as long as the fragile chemistry isn’t tampered with too much. DD had a fine year last year and I’m not sure I’d want him to go, although he’s started slowly. Eller has lots of talent and maybe you’re right, he needs certain linemates. All in all, I think Bergevin is pretty sharp. I was certainly impressed how he stood his ground with PK and eventually won.

  5. Danno, if the power play can be stellar, it’s huge. It’s what we’ve lacked. One thing though – Cole and Desharnais have to get going. I know it’s early so there’s no panic, but it’s time. I think they have one assist each after four games.

  6. Christopher, I think Danno’s eight ball is excellent. Maybe we can steal it when he isn’t looking!

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