Boys Bomb Bolts

Such a character win by the Canadiens. I’m prouder than a peacock.

They’ve could’ve folded the tent after that murderous last-second goal in game three, but instead, they game out flying, got that first goal early, then another and another, and the series now shifts back to Montreal after the gang that couldn’t shoot straight took out the cocky Lightning with a tremendous 6-2 shellacking.

It was interesting to see one of the Tampa players in the corridor minutes before the game, shown during the first intermission, singing and having a grand old time. Sing some more, buddy. Maybe the blues? Maybe a hurtin’ tune?

Finally the breaks went the Canadiens way. Pucks that stayed out before went in this time. Ben Bishop was chased after the third goal and his replacement, Andrei Vasilevsky, was fairly lousy. Fans left early to water their palm tress.

Heck, Montreal even managed a power play goal, which in itself, is a mind blower of epic proportions. And Max’s shorthanded marker left me hanging from the chandelier.

Two goals in the first period, beginning with Andrei Markov converting a PK setup from a slightly difficult angle.

Next was Max’s shorty, and in the second period, Bishop was yanked after gloving a DD slapshot but then losing it. Craig Simpson on HNIC disagreed with coach Jon Cooper’s decision to switch goalies, but it worked for me.

The score became a juicy 4-0 when Jeff Petry, on the power play, finished it off after PK and Chucky and the gang threw it around in fine style, and just 15 seconds later, Brendan Gallagher let go a blast from the right side that Vasilevsky is still looking for.

It was good, real good, although Tampa would beat Carey Price twice after the 5-0 score was built, with their second just 17 seconds into the third. The Lightning weren’t going to pot three more, no way, but I was nervous anyway.

Brandon Prust converted Lars Eller’s rebound in the third period, the Bolts were officially fried, and it’s back to the Bell for a rousing game five and another one shift, one game at a time deal.

Random Notes:

Canadiens once again handily outshot Tampa, this time 40-24. Last night it was 31-19. And people say the Lightning are the better team?

I saw the game in a somewhat different place with a bunch of distractions that included that call from producers telling me I’m a “World’s Most Handsome Man” finalist. Pissed me off. So did that photo shoot with the Playboy bunnies during the second intermission.

But I still saw the game. I just wish these people would leave me alone.





31 thoughts on “Boys Bomb Bolts”

  1. Merci, Roz. And I thought you wrote a very fine piece prior to tonight’s game, but for the life of me I can’t find it to post the link. I’ve scrolled up and down Facebook, where I saw it, but can’t find it.

  2. Phenomenal! breath-taking! Bobby Dollas the other day in twitter
    ” bobby dollas @bobbydollas1 · May 3

    Played in a series 7 games where neither team won a home game we won in game 7 on the road! It far from over! #habs vs #bolts”

    So there you go! this could be a real cracker, eh! Them hockey gods! finally got the Habs playing the way they can! and Bishop’s ‘mystique’ so called is now broken!

    Good writing as always Mr Kane.

  3. They played the way they can, as you said Bill, and it was fantastic to see. This bombing could be a series-changer. Bishop was ordinary, his backup was ordinary, Stankos was ordinary. And speaking of Bobby Dollas, I’d listen to him in my car was I was driving to work in Montreal. Dollas reminds me of my time there, which was wonderful. Montreal is the greatest of cities.

  4. Great recap Dennis – always love reading your posts following the games or when I’m work and need to take a break! Looking forward to some more organ music from the Bell on what will be the first Saturday night playoff match from Montreal this year!

  5. You have a great and creative mind Dennis…the game was totally entertaining….I may watch it a second time. Everyone on the team played hard and they really should be in a better position than they are. I believe Tampa will eventually win this thing but it sure is a good feeling to see a game effort like last night. Max is a tremendous power forward who if had just a bit better line mates would stand a good chance of winning the RR trophy. He is so perhaps the most dangerous penality killer in the NHL. All in all a very satisfying game. Fingers crossed for the next one but Price can make it happen if he plays like can. Go Habs go. Unlike you Dennis I have a boring day ahead of me with planting a garden….working on lawn repairs. The only chance at seeing strippers is my neighbous wife getting in her hot tub but I try really hard not to see that…..she so over weight and at all concerned about getting in that thing with very little on. Oh I must remember to plant some trees as well.

  6. I think the players changed jerseys for the game last night except for Price and Patch’s shorty it seemed like a different team out there. Not sure where this has been but sure was fun to watch for a change. Bishop has been ordinary all playoffs except for our lousy puck luck we really haven’t made him move too much so he could just be his awkward wall-like self and win. We need the real flying Habs every night now no room for a break or as has been said so many times before “I DON’T WANT TO SEE MAURICE TONIGHT I WANT TO SEE THE ROCKET”.

  7. Wow. I think all our hearts soared like a Boeing 747 last night.

    ONE GAME AT AT TIME. We can do it.

    MyMom says she hears talk about Gallagher for Captain??

    I simply LOVE that man!

  8. I’m sorry I’m not able to reply to any of these great comments but I’m very much tied up for awhile (not the good way). I’ll do better later on.

  9. You & me Marjo, he brings it every game. He’s a little bull-dog & a # 1 S**t disturber, I love it!! How’s Dad doing? 🙂

  10. Marjo, he reminds me of smallish but shifty right winger for the Orillia Byers Bulldozers except he was just a s**t head, only kidding, our one & only DK just a # 1 AOK guy. I’m proud to call him my best Bud !!! 🙂

  11. Thanks Googaly. Appreciate it very much. I’ve been putting these posts down, for better or for worse, for most of the Habs game over going on 8 years now. Sometimes I feel these recaps are at best mediocre, depending on on how tired I am, but I keep doing them anyway.
    Imagine no previous Saturday night games from Montreal. Is it about sponsorship? Why no traditional Saturday night games? How can they mess with this? I have no idea, but it’s not right.

  12. Price had some help, Peter, and it was a beautiful thing. Could this kick off a whole new Habs team?

  13. Cliff, there’s nothing wrong with seeing your neighbour’s wife getting into her hot tub. Just wave and enjoy the view! It was a game where the breaks went our way for a change. An early goal on Bishop on Saturday night, and then another soon after, and Bishop’s confidence will shatter into a million pieces, as will his teammates. That’s how the series will shift drastically. Mess with the confidence. Kill there’s and grow ours.

  14. Dra, that’s what we need, some puck luck. There’s such a mental aspect to the game. Pucks not going in and then going in. A star goalie suddenly looking ordinary. Imagine if they would’ve fallen behind on Thursday night. But the force was with them. Another win on Saturday against a suddenly nervous Tampa team, then imagine the game back in Tuesday. It’s very possible they can win this series.

  15. Like a Boeing 747, Marjo. Perfect.
    Gallagher for captain? Love it. Although Max and PK might be pissed off.

  16. Mike, if everyone played like Gallagher, or even sort of, the Canadiens would be unbelievable. It’s definitely something in his blood that most don’t have.

  17. My vote for captain is for the Canadien that wins the Conn Smythe.

    P.S. wise man say, Habs in seven.

  18. Oh but Dennis you don’t understand…..I don’t want to see her…but occasionally she just pops up on her deck on her way to the hot tub. Sometimes her sister is with her and that forces me into hiding for a few days. It’s a horrible experience. We live in a house that is elevated and there is no mature trees yet to block this sort of thing. They are growing though and I am in hopes that in a few more years this traumatic experience will be just a fleeting memory.
    So we are looking good for another win tonight Dennis…got fingers crossed.

  19. Yup Mike W., he’s a tenacious one. I hope he rocks the house tonight! Dad’s doing very well, thank you for asking! <3

  20. By the way, anyone else out there think Bishop is a crybaby? Always complaining to the refs it seems.

  21. For sure, Peter. So nice when the team scores more than a couple. If only they were more consistent that way.

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