Boys Beat Buds

It was almost everything one would want from a Saturday night Hockey Night in Canada Habs-Leafs bash.

Guys skating like the wind, back and forth action, some nastiness, pretty goals, tense times. If only we didn’t have to see PJ Stock.

Aside from that and a couple of other things, the night was almost perfect. Leaf fans might not agree but of course that part isn’t important.

The Canadiens win the game 4-2 on two more goals by the red-hot Max Pacioretty, with PK Subban and Tomas Plekanec also bulging the twine. But they led the thing 4-0 before allowing two goals in 22 seconds late in the second period which quickly changed the gleeful merriment and put a quick halt to the tiresome Ole Ole singing.

They did manage to hang on though, there was no scoring in the third frame, and it’s a beautiful thing to see the boys rebound after losing to the Caps Friday night a shootout, which came after a four-game win streak.

Back on track, ending the month of November in fine style. Now it’s December to concentrate on.

Don’t forget, media and fans everywhere have predicted since last season that the Habs will run out of steam as the season unfolds. So it’s one month at a time, get it done throughout, and show these people they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Pre-game saw a terrific little HNIC clip showing Habs-Leafs action from over the years with soprano Giacomo Puccini warbling in Latin or Italian or whatever it was. I’ll take clips of the Rocket and Plante and the gang till the cows come home. Never tire of it, and I always get goosebumps.

The Bell Centre crowd sang the national anthem, Max Pacioretty opened the scoring after receiving a beautiful pass up the middle from PK Subban with Max banging it home with three or four whacks after the initial stop from Jonathan Bernier,

And after David Desharnais won the faceoff back to PK who sent a wrist shot to the back of the net, it was sort of off to the races.

The second period began with the obligatory Parros-Orr staged fight, and then without warning, first Plekanec scored, and then a shorthanded marker from Max Pacioretty, and the Ole singing really kicked in.

I know what the Ole bit is. It’s from European soccer, meant to be a celebration of the game and the happiness involved. I know it’s not supposed to be a smug thing, sung as a “we’ve got it in the bag” sort of thing.

No matter.  It is a smug thing whether intended or not. I don’t like it, never have, and I think it rallies the other team. And anyway, we’re in North America, not Europe, it’s hockey, not soccer, so can’t we find another way to show happiness? How about standing ovations instead?

The singing died down quickly when Toronto scored twice late in the second to make for uneasy times in living rooms and at the Bell, but the boys shut the visitors down in the third and skate away with a terrific 4-2 win that had me and I’m sure a plethora of others on the edge of couches, which is why it’s called “the good old hockey game.”

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Leafs 39-36.

There was a nice feature about Habs goalie coach Stephane Waite before the game, and when asked if he thought the tandem of Carey Price and Peter Budaj were good enough to be goalies of a Stanley Cup-winner, Waite said “absolutely, without a doubt’ which of course is the right answer.

But Ron MacLean (just kidding he would say) piped in when the clip was done with a “somehow I doubt it” which was uncalled for because (a) he missed the point of the question completely, and (b) he’s a moron.

Canadiens are busy. They played Friday and Saturday, then again on Monday (New Jersey), and then Wednesday (Devils again) and Thursday (Bruins).

More and more I see that George Parros isn’t doing what we’d hoped. These staged fight are ridiculous, and what he does otherwise doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

PK ended with a goal and assist, Max with two goals, and Carey Price assisted on the first Max marker, tying him with Ryan White and putting him ahead of Parros and Douglas Murray in points, who are stalled at zero..





16 thoughts on “Boys Beat Buds”

  1. Man that was sweet! The best moment for me was when PK scored and Markov was all over him in a celebratory hug. Remember when the talking heads (PJ Stock) said Markov didn’t like PK? Yeah right!
    Patches second goal was exceptional as well.

  2. I watched last night’s game from beginning to end. DD continues to play well, and last night was probably also Daniel Briere’s best game as a Hab. I’m not a big fan of staged fights, which I agree was the case with Colton Orr and George Parros, but Colton Orr earned some major respect from me when, as he and Parros fell to the ice, you could clearly see him put his around the back of Parros’ head to make sure that it did not contact the ice. That’s respect, as the expression goes. MaxPac with two more, PK with another great game (and isn’t it wonderful having not one but TWO players who irritate the you-know-what out of other teams? He and Gallagher were clearly in the head of the Maple Leafs all night.).

    A few other points: 1) Douglas Murray may be slower than molasses, but there is no question in my mind that he makes the Habs’ penalty kill much, much better. As the broadcast crew pointed out last night (more about them below), the Canadiens still have not allowed a power play goal with him on the ice. That’s not a coincidence. He blocks shots, he is positionally sound, and he will make opposing forwards pay a hefty price if/when they venture into the crease. 2) I thought that the disallowed Toronto goal should have counted, as I didn’t see much that the Leafs forward did to interfere with Price. In a game where the zebras were no friends of the Habs, though, I’ll take that break. 3) That CBC broadcast crew was just brutal, as it did everything but put on Leafs jerseys during the game. You’d have thought that the Maple Leafs were scrimmaging against themselves, given how much discussion was given to Toronto and how much was given to Montreal. The intermissions were even worse. This is why pretty much everyone outside Toronto hates the CBC…………….

  3. Ian for the most part I agree with your comments about the announcers but I felt, and have noticed this before, that Garry Galley is often very positive about the Canadiens particularly regarding Subban and the Olympic team. Simpson’s comments seem like backhanded compliments to the Habs. Overall though you are right the feel is that the boadcasters are always focused on the leafs either what they’re doing right or what they need to do better.

  4. And PJ Stock should be doing Junior C hockey analyzing and nothing more. Why CBC would decide on an amateur like that is baffling to say the least.

  5. Stock must have friends in high places because he has a spot on L’Antichambre every so often as well. And I can’t understand a word he says. I know, he’s trying.

  6. He stumbles over his words, says almost nothing worth listening to, giggles like an immature kid, interrupts others, and offers absolutely nothing. He’s the Scott Gomez of the CBC.

  7. Ian, more and more I appreciate Murray, and more and more I don’t appreciate most of the CBC guys. I’m okay with the play-by-play guys, it’s the others who bother me. Originally I thought Ron MacLean was good because he was able to think on his feet and come up with clever puns to end the Coaches Corner segments.But then I began to change my thinking because of his goofiness at awards shows, his goofiness on Battle of the Blades, (which I stopped watching a couple of years ago), and his growing goofiness in commercials and with Cherry. PJ Stock I can’t stand, and Glenn Healy comes off as such an arrogant know-it-all. Cherry’s a whole other thing – smarter than these idiots hockey-wise, but outdated, full of himself, and his time has come. Ten years ago I thought he was great. Now I see him as a clown. It’s hard to understand why CBC would keep these guys. Don’t they see that fans everywhere mock these people and dislike them immensely? Are there not a group of true pros to be be hired and instill much-needed respectability? Stock has to go. I do a slow burn just looking at him.

  8. DJ, CBC needs to do a complete overhaul, although many of the play by play guys are good. The others are fools.

  9. Mike M. I tried 690 with my TV once and there was a delay. Is it still like that? If that’s been fixed, it’s how I’m going to watch and listen from now on.

  10. There’s nothing like beating the Leafs.

    I still say if the Habs stay healthy and keep playing like they have lately, anything is possible.

  11. Stock is the worst of the bunch, because he hates the Canadiens and doesn’t even make an effort to be objective. Dishonest John, I am not a Galley fan. He’s not as bad as some of the others on the CBC, but that’s not saying very much. The worst is still Glenn Healy, but that too is not saying very much. Dennis, I don’t mind Cherry or MacLean–they’re a “gimmick act”, to be sure, but far more people seem to love them than hate them.

    I admit that when it comes to the broadcasting crews, I get very nostalgic for the period up until the early 1990s, when the CBC had an English broadcasting crew for Habs games, first led by the incomparable Danny Gallivan and then the equally incomparable Dick Irvin, Jr. When the CBC stopped broadcasting Habs games in English (unless they were playing some other team in Canada), that’s when bias really started.

  12. Ian, I get goosebumps when I think of Dick and Danny. The best ever. Danny was in a league of his own. The absolute best.

  13. Still the lag… Bartlett suggested using TiVO and set a 30 second delay. I’ve become my parents regarding technology. I’d rather the 30-second delay over CBC or the Centre Ice “other team” announcers…

    I could seriously ramp up my French

  14. Elliot Freidman is a breath of fresh air. Good honesrt, from the heart interviews. But those Habs were a TORNADO of fresh air last nite. P.K. getting pretty good at shading folks out the way. A beauty goal going around Phil the Thrill. These are good daze— not just the wins, but how they get them. It’s also good to see Price keep flailing after the puck rather than just a cool methodical, structered performance. Remember The GUMPER!!Loved the Markov- Subban embrace. Too bad they “hate” each other–some media folk sure have a hard time coming up with a legit story!! It pretty well made my Sat nite.

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