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Let’s see, let me check;

Still no hockey — check
NHLPA and NHL will meet again soon — check
It’s now 800 news clips, or maybe 8000, of NHLPA and NHL brass walking into a hotel and out again — check
Gomez has 4 goals and 6 assists in 8 games with the Alaska Aces — check
Galchenyuk has 22 goals and 30 assists in 31 games with Sarnia Sting — check
I’m about to post again as I do every day — check
It’s not about hockey, as I sometimes do — check

I’m sure there’s been times in your life when you’ve thought about someone you haven’t seen in ages and soon after this person shows up in one way or another. Why is that?

Just recently I was thinking about this ten-year old kid I’d read about in a 1965 Life magazine, back when the article first came out. From the beginning it had really intrigued me, the idea that such a young kid would be enrolled in university, in this case Michigan State, and off and on over years I’d think about the little bugger. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was the complete opposite as a student.

Today, in looking through a trunk of old Life magazines, there it was, the story of Michael Grost. I didn’t even know I still had this.

While every other ten-year old kid in the world was adding 25 plus 25 and learning how to spell Mississippi, Michael was in university, studying whatever it is they study. I’ll bet the other students, especially the females, loved him.

Below is Michael now, and this is his website – Mike
He’s doing all kinds of neat things.

In a 2002 interview with The State News, the now gown-up Grost described his life in college as similar to having “40,000 brothers and sisters.”

Grost held his first job on campus working with computers his freshman year, which propelled him into
software design after his 13-year college career – five of which were spent at MSU. He also attended
Yale University and U-M, earning a doctorate degree in mathematics at age 23. Grost currently is a
system architect at a computer company in Detroit.

“I really owe (MSU) a lot for the huge chance they took on me as a kid,” Grost said in the 2002

(thanks to Weird Universe/Child Prodigies)

4 thoughts on “Boy Genius”

  1. Hey Dennis. Kinda a funny story today. In my work we are promoting an event and I have to make about 20-30 calls a day. Anyways, one of my calls was to a trucking company with a Tim Bell as contact. As it turns out Tim lived in PR in the early 90’s and played for the Kings, He actually played against Scott Gomez who was playing for Surrey. I think he said he hated Gomez even then. And by the way, he is a Habs fan too. We had a good laugh.

  2. I was terrible in school. Beyond terrible. A 65 was like getting an “A” for me. I just hated school with all my heart. It felt like a prison and the teachers were the pits. I had about 6 or so great teachers in my entire school life. The rest were the Scott Gomez version of teachers..with the occasional Chara one.

  3. Darth, I was a horrible student. I suppose I was okay in grade school, but high school was a complete wash-out. Although I had the hots for a couple of young female teachers. I spent a great deal of time at the pool hall instead of class.

  4. Mayo, I saw Gomez play in Powell River back then. He got thrown out after just five minutes when he got into a fight.

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