Bowman Brainwave

In the latter part of 1970s the Habs were in the middle of winning four straight Cups and were in Los Angeles for a game against the Kings. The boys won easily that night, and many of them decided to go out and celebrate. They ended up drinking too much, missed curfew, and eventually wobbled back to the hotel. At the hotel, the doorman happened to have a hockey stick, and asked the players, as they staggered in, to autograph his stick.

The next morning, Scotty Bowman called out all the players who missed curfew and fined them.

And how did he know?

He’d given the doorman a stick and asked him to get the latecomers to sign it.

4 thoughts on “Bowman Brainwave”

  1. Dennis stories of the old days are always interesting to read. That tactic today would get a coach fired I suppose. The players are very powerful today and call the shots I think. Well a few players on each team more than likely. Personally I don’t like the NHL as it exists today. Here in NB we get every Habs game and 5 years ago that would have made me extremely pleased but today I watch the games but with less interest. Sometimes I find myself wanting the team to lose so it would hopefully initiate some changes at the top. However in reflection that doesn’t work so much either in todays NHL or pro sports in general. I also personally liked Bob Gainey as GM but perhaps that is due to him as a player….when he played he was a one man wrecking crew on some nights. The game today has almost no contact and especially in the corners where you need to separate the player form the puck. Oh well it is what it is.

  2. I feel the same way, Cliff. I feel it’s passing me by now. My Habs are from another time. Like you, I also don’t like the today’s NHL. I’ve decided to change my site a bit, which I’ve been thinking about for quite some time.

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