5 thoughts on “Bourque Over Cammalleri So Far”

  1. I’m glad that so far we’re getting the better end of the deal. It’s interesting that since he’s left we’ve seemed to play much better.

    I’m still a bit bummed out by all of this. I really thought he was a decent guy.

    It’s a shame. I guess they all can’t be classy like Cole and Pacioretty.

  2. Last weekend Cammy tweeted & asked HNIC viewers to tweet him their opinions/comments on his new commerical with Addiass which ran during The Calgary game……

  3. Martin, that doesn’t surprise me one bit.He’s kind of a new breed of businessman/investor/hockey player which I don’t care much for.

  4. Darth, classy like Cole and Pacs and Price and Gorges and a whole whack of them. What I found very surprising was hearing from Gomez in his Stubbs interview that Kostitsyn is far and away the most popular on the team. It’s nice to hear, actually. Now that I know that, I’m more of a fan of Kostitsyn.

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