Boston Or Philadelphia? Who Do You Want For The Habs?

Who would you like the Habs to play – Boston or Philadelphia?

It’s a tough one. Both teams look pretty solid to me and each has a reasonably impressive lineup, although not as impressive as Washington and Pittsburgh. Boston boasts Patrice Bergeron, elder statesman Mark Recchi, and Milan Lucic (remember when Lucic hammered Montreal’s Mike Komisarek). Michael Ryder and Miroslav Satan can both hurt you with big goals. And don’t forget sniper Marc Savard and the guy who bumps his head on the scoreboard – Zdeno Chara.

Looks like a pretty good squad to me.

Philadelphia is no slouch either. Mike Richards is a bonafide young star and leader, and there’s the ever-dangerous trio of Daniel Briere, Simon Gagne, and Scott Hartnell. Chris Pronger anchors the defence, and everyone knows Chris Pronger was and is a big-time player.

They also have one of the nuttiest shit disturbers in the league – Dan Carcillio, and frankly, I don’t know if I want the Habs to be on the ice with him. He’s quite an asshole, but he draws people into penalties and the bonus is, he’s got fairly good hands. But really, I don’t like his act. That instance a while ago when he lurched his head back like he’d been sucker punched but the closest fist to him was at least a foot away, was ridiculous and unprofessional. Don Cherry goes on about Carcillo constantly and is definitely not a fan. In fact, judging by the way he talks about him on Coach’s Corner, he can’t stand the guy.

Both teams look strong, but Boston has blown a 3-0 series lead. So Boston could be nervous and Philadelphia could come out like gangbusters. But Michael Leighton in the Flyers net has seen just limited action over several months, while Boston’s Tuukka Rask has been strong for the Bruins. (I’m assuming Rask is starting).

Who should the Habs play in the Conference Final? I think I’m picking Boston. They’ve blown that big series lead so must not be playing well). They have a few key injuries – David Krejci and Marco Sturm, and all’s not well right now with the Bostonians. But whatever. Bring on either team. We’re on a mission.

20 thoughts on “Boston Or Philadelphia? Who Do You Want For The Habs?”

  1. I’m saying play Boston and knock them out in 6
    Pronger needs to be playing his last game tonight…yes,yes he does

  2. Hey Dennis, I’m going with Jan,Bruins should be easier to take out then the flyers.I think the flyers would cause some injuries to our team,which nobody would like to see.Ryder,who I always liked as a Hab,is not playing up to his ability.Charo has some problems this year as well.Bring on the bears and then send them back to the dump where they belong.

  3. Dennis, I am hoping both Boston and Philly play the meanest, toughest, dirtiest game of all time against each other tonight.
    I hope they kick the living crap out of each other.
    I hope the game goes into overtime. Eight or nine extra periods worth and the game finishes some time around lunchtime on Saturday with nobody left standing.
    I hope everyone is black and blue and broken in two and totally exhausted after this battle of mutually-assured destruction.
    But in the end I hope the winner will be Boston because it will be really, really fine to us return the favour and sweep the Bruins in four.

  4. I’m kind of afraid of how the Habs will play them, because their style is completely different to the Caps and Penguins’, their style was run and gun. but Boston plays tough, gritty hockey, which might be a little much for our small forwards. Well, that’s just how it goes, I’d rather play Boston, it just seems that Philly’s bunch is a lot more talented.

  5. boston has a lot of injuries and can’t seem to score anymore but they have a really good goalie, complements of the leafs, and we all know what that can do. philly has momentum but an unproven goalie. i dunno…………… can we play the pittsburg crysbees again?

  6. Yet another History Will be Made video by the NHL. This one features Brian Gionta who almost gets creamed by P.K. Subban in the celebration…

  7. I blogged about this today too. I think Boston would be the better matchup, mostly because of this: Montreal was 5-1 against the Bruins this year, and 2-2 against the Flyers (those two wins were a 13-shot performance by our team, and a 1-0 Halak has to stand on his head win at the end of the year). I like our odds better against Boston.

  8. I don’t think it really matters who we play Dennis however, in my opinion, I think an original six matchup would be more exciting. Regardless of who it is, as long as we come out forechecking and blocking shots, we’re on our way to the top rung on the ladder. By the way, it’s amazing how many ” new ” Habs fans I’ve met since the Canucks were chased out.

  9. Dennis bring on the Bruins! Yes, I’ll be cheering for the Habs in Boston. Sister Nancy and I will revel in the Glory of the bleu, blanc et rouge.

    Ole, Ole!!!

  10. DK I give up hope you are savvy enough to get the video I sent onto the blog. Come on guy’s & gal’s what do you expect from a 1 finger typer & computor illiterate?
    Cheers from the East GO HABS GO !!!!!!

  11. I hope Boston because of their injuries. Apparently Markov skated a full practice this morning. Richards would be flyers biggest threat but could be contained by our D. Either one, Habs are likely favored. Idiot commentators (McKenzie) are intimating that Habs could be in trouble because both Pens and Caps are nothing like Flyers or Bruins, who are big and net crashers more than the finesse pens and caps. These guys seem to get drunk listening to themselves talk. Tired of bone head commentators.

  12. Game 4 Saturday @ 3pm in Montreal.
    What part of Hockey Night in Canada do NBC and southern American’s not understand? It’s not as if while watching the NASCAR race they’ll go channel surfing and decide to watch the hockey game instead.

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