Boomer And The Boys Sing Da Doo Ron Ron

At the bottom of this story, Boom Boom Geoffrion, Marcel Dionne, and Rogie Vachon sing up a storm on the Rene Simard Show. Simard was sort of Canada’s answer to Donny Osmond.

I have no other words to describe this. Except to offer my sympathies to the Crystals and Phil Spector.

Boomer was a bit of a singer in his day, entertaining his teammates whether they wanted him to or not, and he appeared at least once on The Juliette Show, which came on CBC after the hockey game on Saturday night. I remember Juliette. She seemed like somebody’s hot mother, which she probably was.

Boom Boom was a fun-loving guy, loved to laugh, and I’ll bet he had a blast doing this with Dionne and Vachon, although it’s tremendously cheesy. I’m sure he was the leader of the pack, and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say he had the most talent of the three.

Boomer was a great guy by all accounts, and as a kid growing up he was a huge Habs fan. He said many times over the years how much he loved the Rocket, not only as a kid, but also when he finally played alongside his boyhood hero.

Imagine, he ended up playing on the team he worshipped, with the player he had idolized.

Dreams do come true.

When Richard was suspended in 1955 for having a slight disagreement with a linesman, which led to the St. Patrick’s Day Richard Riot, Boom Boom sailed past Rocket in the last few games of the season to win the scoring championship and the Art Ross Trophy. The poor guy was booed by Canadiens fans for denying Rocket the title number 9 had never won, and not only booed, but also received threatening phone calls and his kids were hassled at school. I think it’s ridiculous that fans would want Geoffrion to tank so the Rocket would win. Asking a bit much, I’d say.

Geoffrion wasn’t exactly sure in the beginning about the whole idea of beating the Rocket. He was uneasy about it. But Doug Harvey saw it was bothering him, took him aside, and told him he’d better score when he got the chances or he’d have to answer to him.

The fans got over it.

Here’s the video. You probably know but if you don’t, it’s Marcel Dionne on the left, Boom Boom in the middle, and Rogie Vachon on the right.

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  1. The fromage in this video is massive Dennis. Nice bit of history but oh is it bad.

    It’d be nice if the organization had more of sense of humor like this today.

    70s television is a blast.

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