Boom Boom Dylan


This is the Hibbing, MN arena, built in 1935.

Hibbing is the city Bob Dylan grew up in, and if he would have spent more time at the rink and less time thinking about becoming the next Woody Guthrie, who knows how he would have turned out.

Dylan’s high school sweetheart, Echo Helstrom, once said that she and Bob would sometimes go skating, but Dylan’s brother David said it’s nonsense, that Bob never wore skates in his life. I can’t picture Bob Dylan playing hockey, but I feel if he would have signed up for minor hockey when he was young and applied himself somewhat, he could’ve been a somebody.

He could’ve been a Hab.

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10 thoughts on “Boom Boom Dylan”

  1. Dennis, why do men look so much more handsome and women look so much more attractive when they wear that sweater with the big, beautiful CH on the front?

  2. Blue Bayou, what a surprise! I really never knew Dylan liked hockey! This actually blows my mind. Is this all above board or some sort of spoof? Maybe this website is just playing with us.

  3. Christopher, I read that and I think it has to be an April Fool’s joke. I’ve especially never heard of him and his band wearing Habs sweaters at a 1978 concert. I also don’t believe when he said he used to play hockey when he was a kid. The reason I say this is because I’m a bit of a student of all things Dylan and never have I heard anything like this before. He used to play a little bit of basketball, but he was far from a jock. I’ve read all kinds of books and interviews, and never has hockey come up. His brother also told an author that Bob never skated in his life. I would dearly love to see a photo of them wearing those Habs sweaters. Your link, and Blue Bayou’s, surprise the heck out of me.

  4. I think the hockey quotes are legit, unless Dylan was playing the joke on Scott Cohen, his interviewer.

    Here is a text copy of many Dylan interviews including the December 1985 Spin magazine article (start page 102, hockey page 105)

    And here is the full magazine (start page 36, hockey page 39, 5th paragraph)

    More of that interview is in the February 86 Interview magazine, but I can’t find anything online. A recent Interview article references it and has the favourite player list

    Wearing the sweaters may be a hoax. I found a blog where someone claims he was at the reported MLG show and says he would have remembered him in a Leaf sweater. I looked, I couldn’t find any pictures, but that doesn’t mean that they’re out there somewhere.

  5. Christopher, I’m still in some shock here. I believe he was putting people on. He used to tell everyone he left home at an early age and joined a circus. He made up many stories over the years. The hockey one blows me away. I’d love to find out more about this, but like I say, I think he’s pulling our legs.

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