Bombed By Bottom Feeders


I’m assuming the Canadiens wandered into Columbus feeling renewed and re-energized after beating the Leafs last Saturday.

The start of something better. Good times are here again!

And then they get trounced 5-2 by the worst team in the league.

Downward they go. Where they stop, nobody knows.

They’re playing with my head, these people. Stop the season, I wanna get off. Pathetic, soft, unorganized bunch of multi-millionaires, playing with my emotions.

A friend today told me about a game he used to play when he lived in New Guinea. Darts, using a real dart gun. Sounds excellent.

This is going to be my new favourite sport, because I can’t handle what the Habs are doing to me. And maybe I’ll put a picture of the team on the dartboard.

I thought, before tonight, that they could finally win two in a row after not doing so since November. After all, it was only the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets.

And the Canadiens play these same BJs in Montreal on Tuesday, so it was probably going to be three in a row.

A beautiful winning streak to make us happy. And then they’re blasted 5-2 and a dagger gets rammed into my already battered heart.

Can it get any sadder?

Can life be any better for Habs haters?

Random Notes:

Habs outshot Columbus 34-25 and were 1/3 on the power play.

Montreal’s goals came from Gally and PK, with PK’s a big blast from outside the blueline.

Two posts were hit, by Eller and Petry. I’m grasping at straws here.



35 thoughts on “Bombed By Bottom Feeders”

  1. Not watching this collection of idiots again this year . Changes need to be made and as long as they are not I can safely say I no longer care . Like I said the other day , these millionaires can go fuck themselves roundly . I care so much that I will not even don my jersey either because this collection of morons are not worth it . Nuff said – over and out .

  2. If you get beaten by the worst team does that not make you worse than them? You see I knew not to get my hopes up after they needed a shoot out to beat the leafs. How strong is the draft looking this year? Will anything in the top 5-8 be a good pick?

  3. Hey Dennis, Well I can’t ay I watched it cause we don’t get them stations but I listened to it from the middle o the second period ,they were doing ok, lots of shots and chances but then they let it go. Goaltending is the problem, no confidence in their netminder as they have in Price, changes the way they play as well. Hopefully they can get something done soon though.

  4. It has come to the point that i don’t even check the schedule to see if there’s a Habs game on….i just wait to get the “news” and recap from Mr. Kane…unfortunately the “news” isn’t always good…but the recaps are spot on!…thank you.
    When will the sCHit hit the fan?…there has to be some changes made…stat!…i feel sorry for the fans in the stands who fork out big bucks for lousy hockey….played by a bunch of rich guys who haven’t figured it out what it means to don the “tricolor”…with the CH crest!…tabarnac!

  5. Habbie fans you are making me nervous… Austin Matthews belongs to my Leafs this coming NHL draft this summer…..Just start winning for god sake…We gave you 2 in the shootout Saturday…..

  6. Sorry Leaf Fan, if we want to tank, we can out suck even the Leafs. Remember you’ve got a good coach who knows how to develop young players; we’ve got Therrien who benches the innovative skill out of players. Anyway it’s the Oilers we need to worry about, they’ve got the draft rigged.

  7. Dennis, the really troubling thing I noticed is when the camera was focused on the Habs bench the players looked totally unemotional, even bored. There was absolutely no passion or fire in their eyes.

    They look like they’ve totally given up.

    This is a really bad sign.

  8. Which reminds me…

    Schitt’s Creek is on tomorrow night if you want something else to watch instead of the Habs Shit Show.

  9. Hey posters…we are quick to want to tank and draft that big forward…future elite right winger or center…but remember you have to have a development program with talented people in place. When you seriously think about this mess the team has become don’t you kind of think the problem may be the MB and his team of support people. The draft hasn’t done much over the years and what does the team in SJ to offer. They haven’t made the playoffs in several years. This is our development place and feeder team….Houston we have a problem.

  10. Over and out, Joe. Although check in once in awhile just for the hell of it. Not that I’ll have anything worthwhile to report.

  11. I’ve no idea, D-John. All I know is that there’s a bunch of young Finns in the draft. But a young guy joining the Habs only means a bunch more years of rebuilding before he makes an impact. They need a couple of guys right away. They need me as owner so I can hire my own management team. Are you willing to move to Montreal from Kenora?

  12. Christopher, if I find out they’re tanking I’m going to be upset. No Montreal Canadiens team has ever given up. Except maybe this one and a couple of others. Tonight should be interesting.

  13. DK, I was sure we had not turned a corner when it took a shoot out to beat the Laffs, my feeling was right. What a pitiful team, no emotion & it appears no respect for themselves nor us, the fans who in away pay their inflated salaries & egos. This must go down as the most unbelievable season I can remember!!!

  14. Derry, I believe goaltending is much of the problem too, even though Condon has been pretty good. But the team plays differently, more conservative and uptight I think, and Condon can’t handle the puck like Price.

  15. Ed, you’re one lucky guy. You don’t have to watch if you don’t want. I’m still unsettled by Bergevin’s press conference, even though talking heads say it was brilliant. If they continue their descent into hell, what’s wrong with firing the coach? But MB says MT is safe. I don’t know. Man, when I’m owner…….

  16. Leaf Fan, now I know how you and all the Leaf fans out there have felt all this time. I feel it’s almost a brotherhood now. A Brotherhood of Losing. This is why I’m now a darts fan, using a dart gun.

  17. Googaly, if Red Light can handle the puck now, I say bring him back. But I draw the line at bringing back Scott Gomez.

  18. I saw that too, Danno, and you know who the one was who stood out as the most forlorn? Max. The guy, as captain, who should be rallying the troops.

  19. Cliff, your “Houston we have a problem” makes a fine “Quote du Jour” over on the side of the page. The thing about the Quote du Jour is that I’m lazy and it’s often the Quote du Several Weeks”.

  20. Well, it’s looking bad, but what I suggest is this: fire the Coach but before doing that see if Pierre Maguire is available to take over the team. Frig the French problem, hire a translator if need be. Really this coach who’ve I’ve admired since he was brought is not helping but hindering.As for the remainder of the coaching staff, it would be up to Maguire and the GM to kick ass and change their tactics obviously esp. with the power play. Great teams have always had great goalies, Habs don’t have one right now, but a great coach could at least get them through this gracefully.

    As for the team:Some of these guys have got to go (Pleks? Patchs? Markov?D.D. D.S.P, and bring up some of the kids and for fuck sake play Galchenyuk properly or trade him too it aint good for him or the team), and it would be the Manager who’d have to figure it and fast, and in consultation with Maguire.

    I think Maguire would know how to play Galchenyuk

    I don’t think there’s any one else out there who could take the Habs to a decent end of the season. If Maguire was hired for after the so called all stars stuff, the Habs might even perform a turn around and get to playoffs.

    O yes and goalies, well Christ, Maguire would figure something out.

    In the meantime, enjoy your night!

  21. O wait I forgot I actually think Patches as much I liked him in the past tense also has to go if there isn’t a way to smarten him up. With a guy like Maguire or someone of his stature that might happen. As for the cry-babies who believe hockey games are won by being nice guys, doodly squats to them! O and I forgot what the hell was that thing Subby did? Did the guy say something? Shit maybe Subby ought to have smacked him on the head with his stick! eh! that really would have helped! In any case, it was stupid to do and took the little bit of momentum Habs got from that goal.

  22. To me Patches is the ultimate ‘nice guy’ with his dumb ass remarks along the lines of his post game comments for instance ‘ we need to get a LITTLE bit better ” or some variant of that b.s. line.

    THey don’t need to get a little bit Better but a A whole lot better and more and more. You know what I mean allof you Habs fans and hockey fans.

    What the Habs need is a Captain who leads and plays kick ass hockey or he too can go take a fuken walk as Lou Reed once sang.

  23. This is gonna piss off mist people bug what the heck: let’s get rid of Price.


    Now clean up that drink you just spit out.

    Price seems to fe getting a few long-lasting injuries. Could possibly be nursing the same one. But really, he’s what 27, 28, now? And without him we suck terribly? All eggs in one basket? We could take in a few good players trading him off.


  24. I definitely agree with much of what you say, Bill, but I’m really not sure about your choice of McGuire. I’ve always felt him to be a bit over the top, slightly looney, and almost a groupie. But having said that, maybe he’d be the guy. But my gut says no. There seems to be a real shortage of men who could lead this team. Maybe an obscure junior coach somewhere.

  25. It’s shouldn’t piss people off, Marjo. You make a good argument. I think it’s possible that I might go for it, if the guys coming are top six guys, along with maybe a good blue liner. He does have some injury issues. I need to think about this a bit.

  26. Price should be the only untouchable. Guaranteed when he gets back we start winning. Unfortunately it will be too late. I am shocked at how shitty this team has played without him. Price will be the only NHL player to win the mvp award without playing any games.

    Where does MB start? He won’t fire mt unfortunately. He will make a trade. Oh fuck. Who gives a shit. The season is done. Lol the racicot comments at least made me laugh. So pathetic.

  27. Mayo, it’s entirely possible Price won’t be the same goalie when he comes back. His season may be a complete washout, back or not back. He could be rusty for a while.

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