Boivin To Molson To Me. It’s How It Works

The Canadiens have just announced that Pierre Boivin will step down as the president of CH Group on Jun 30, 2011, at which time majority owner Geoff Molson will become prez and CEO.

This is the beginning of a chain of events. Next year Boivin steps down and Molson takes over, and a year later I’m inserted into the front office and rapidly take over from Molson. Then, in only a few short years from that, after I’ve learned how to use the proper forks at classy dinners, I buy the team and nature has taken its due course. 

It’s how big business works. They can’t just make me a big shot right away. It wouldn’t be fair to all the big shots out there who have paid big shot dues and I haven’t.

But things are in motion now so all those people out there who have commented on this site and who impressed me so much that I’ve offered upper-management jobs to when I own the team – you’d better be prepared to buy a new suit and shiny shoes.

It’s all starting next year, when Boivin passes the torch to Molson.

13 thoughts on “Boivin To Molson To Me. It’s How It Works”

  1. are you sure it’s your doc who is self medicatng? Maybe Gaston is slipping some kind of medication into yoour coffee? lol But I do hope you get the post with he Habs. Never lose the dream Dennis.

  2. Question, Dennis – what exactly constitutes “Big Shot Dues”? Just sleeping with the players’ wives? I’ve seen some of their photos and this hardly seems like a hardship. Of course, if the players find out, I don’t know you. Otherwise, I expect a job. Something that overpays me excessively so I can learn to use the little forks too. I don’t really want to work, per se, you understand.

  3. Tyg, I’m shocked. Nobody ever said anything about sleeping with the players’ wives. Just making them comfortable. And don’t worry, I’ll find you a job. What about golf instructor?

  4. I heard that Geoff Molson will spend the year as stick-boy. He wants to introduce a new clause into the ownership requiring all future owners to prove their dedication by starting off as stick-boy and working their way up. Stick-boy, GM, president, owner.
    I understand he’s processing the job applications in the order they were received; the stick-boy stack goes back 46 years. If that applicant still wants the job he will be the next owner.

  5. He would have to go back 40 years just to find someone who gets the “in like flint” reference. Always liked those James Coburn movies.

  6. So the boss tells the highest level employee “I will pay you your salary for another year only but I will now assist you on every decision your brain makes for the company” – just who is calling the shots right now?

  7. But is it possible, Bill, that Molson is a meddling boss and this development is no fault of Boivin’s? Also, what if Eller turns out to be a top six forward in the the top three of scoring on the Habs next season? If that happens, Gauthier’s deal will look great, especially if Price plays well. And what about the GM’s and hockey analysts who insist that Price is the real deal, that his confidence had been lost somewhat, and that the Canadiens handled him wrong before but everyone’s past all that now. (the parties, the drinking etc). What if Gainey’s deals like Cammellari and Gionta and the others come out smelling like roses, even more than last year, after the Habs have a very succesful year and go even deeper than last year and these guys become true all-stars? Your facts and figures are all excellent and I admire you very much for what you’ve said. It’s really opened my eyes in many cases. But all of that can be erased with a really successful 2010-2011 campaign.

  8. gauthier has a long history of terrible trades from demitra to selanne to kariya. but as i keep saying it is gauthier AND gainey still running the show as its been from 2003 on. there is no change. halak signing today and price not signing may be the straw that finally breaks the camels back and the entire management of the hockey operation cleansed.

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