Bob’s Rocket Record. Just Got One!

A couple of years ago I wrote about a 1955 recording (on 78 RPM) by Bob Hill and his Canadian Country Boys called ‘Saga of Rocket Richard’, which was about the infamous Richard Riot on St. Patrick’s Day of that year.

My story is here if you want – Bob Hill’s Rocket Riot Tune

It’s hard to find, this old disc, but I got one just the other day! First an old pedal car, and then the record, all within a week. I’m on a roll.

Here’s my new/old record!



2 thoughts on “Bob’s Rocket Record. Just Got One!”

  1. Dennis…great!…i found one years ago at the flea market in Vancouver…back in March 1955 Oscar Thiffault & his orchestra recorded “Le Rocket Richard”…a French Québécois tribute to No.9…the refrain in the song is “Rocket Richard …qui score tout le temps”…Rocket Richard he scores all the time!
    Here it is posted on YouTube:

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