5 thoughts on “Bobby Orr’s Nice Hat”

  1. A little off topic, but my, my my!!! Just watched a a series of hits dished out by my Russian Train Wreck Emelin. CLEAN and kapooww!!! Dec can’t come soon enough. with young Tinordi and Murray to help, we may see some folks in OTHER jerseys limping to the bench.Speed and good hits make for a nice nite at The Bell.

  2. Peter, we even may see him before December. I heard the other day he’s ahead of schedule and I sure hope so.

  3. Great story by Bill Watters.

    I found this to be an interesting bit of trivia:

    Orr’s NHL idol was Montreal Canadiens legend Jean Beliveau and Orr paid tribute to the Habs great by wearing No. 4 while playing with the Bruins.

    And yes – PK, Tinordi, Murray and Emelin are going to rattle quite a few bones when they are firing on all cylinders. The other teams won’t know what hit them. Stay tuned…

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