Bobby Orr And The Phone Book


I came across this while rummaging through boxes in preparation for another contest I’m going to throw at you.

Years ago my dad had this old 1959 Orillia and area telephone book hanging around his house which he was planning on tossing out until I asked him if I could have it because I knew Gordon Lightfoot’s family home is listed in the pages. 

Turns out there are others too.

Paging through the Orillia section, I see the GM Lightfoot household at 283 Harvey St., and young Gordon, who would be about 20 when this phone book came out, had moved out of the house the year before. I used to have a couple of buddies who also lived on Harvie St, and my dad worked for awhile at a dry cleaners in Orillia with Gordon’s father.

The book also has listings of the area surrounding Orillia, which includes Parry Sound, and I found Bobby Orr’s family home which you can see at Doug Orr, (his dad) on 21 Great North Road. Bobby’s grandfather, Robert Orr is also listed at 67 River.  Bobby would be about 11 at the time of the phone book.

Searching further, I went into Sundridge and found Bucko McDonald on Main St. Bucko had not only been a star in the NHL in the 1930’s and 40’s with Detroit, New York, and Toronto, but also coached Bobby Orr in squirt and peewee in Parry Sound. Bucko decided to make the young fellow a defenceman even though Bobby was small and had great skills up front. When dad Doug questioned Bucko about this odd decision, Bucko told him “Bobby is born to play defence.”

Sundridge is also where my mother came from.

Also listed in the pages of this old phone book is the Roger Crozier household in Bracebridge, writer Paul Rimstead’s dad’s farm outside of Bracebridge, the family home of respected Canadian writer Roy MacGregor in Huntsville, (who played minor hockey against Orr and the Parry Sound team), and John MacWilliams’ home in Huntsville.

6 thoughts on “Bobby Orr And The Phone Book”

  1. Dennis,

    I raise my hat.

    Some have made a lifetime of studying The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Doomsday Book, The Book of Kells, The Guttenberg Bibles, The King James Bible and yet their scholarship pales into insignificance.

    Perhaps only you could have gleaned so much from such a seemingly humble book.

    And it’s important that later generations understand that theses mighty tomes weren’t just used for extracting information without leaving visible bruising.

  2. RDS is reporting that Patches only has bruised ribs xrays confirm results negative. He will skate tomorrow for the practice.

    Things are looking up already!

  3. Cool
    Is dry cleaners still there and if so where?
    More Lightfoot family anecdotes please
    TMZ (kidding)

  4. Jimbo, one of my buddy’s dad fixed the Lightfoot plumbing. Gordon had an extemely high voice when a kid and was the lead in the church choir. The dry cleaners is long gone but was in the west ward. It was called Wagg’s Laundry.

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