Bobby Hull Showed Up

I’m probably not that interesting to guys like Bobby Hull. I’m shy and feel slightly uneasy. I don’t have much to say.

Although when he first came in to our offices on Thursday, I said to him, “There’s the guy who blew slapshots past Habs goalies.” And he replied, “And it was fun too.”

Bobby was an amazing player. A wonderful skater with a great shot. A guy with flair and Hollywood good looks. The ladies loved him. Hawks fans loved him. The rest of us admired him. Opposing goalies lived in fear.


6 thoughts on “Bobby Hull Showed Up”

  1. Dennis you are indeed living the dream in your semi-retirement. I am glad to see an old wanna-be stick-boy do so well. The best touch is your Habs hat. Perfect.

  2. Long live the Habs and the Leafs. Hockey royalty. 38 Stanley Cups between them. Bobby Hull was my favourite (among others ie-The Rocket & Keon) In a era when 20 goal seasons were highly valued, the Golden Jet had five 50 goal seasons in the NHL and 3 more in the WHA, totalling 913 goals in a very bright career. He recorded 27 hat tricks (NHL) and could skate @ 29.7 mph. (fastest in the world at that time) His friendly demeanour and humility could teach us how we should all strive to be.

  3. Good stuff, Dean. Hull would sign for kids along the boards, sign almost anywhere, and he also had nice handwriting too. I told him his signature has always been nice and he said that at least people could read it (Unlike now). I heard him say that if the fans were happy, the team played better.

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