Bobble Head

When my dad took me to see the Habs in Toronto when I was a boy, he bought me three things I remember like it was yesterday –  an ice cream bar called an ‘Eskimo Pie’ back then, a little wooden stick with a player’s picture on the blade, and a Montreal bobble head doll.

I’d play hockey with the stick and a marble in our living room, and eventually I guess it broke and that was that. As for the bobble head, I’ve no idea what happened to it. Maybe I dropped it.

About ten years ago I was able to finally replace my bobble head, and it even came in its original box. The bottom of it looks rough, but it’s only a manufacturer’s flaw. It’s in perfect condition, and I’m very careful I don’t drop it.



7 thoughts on “Bobble Head”

  1. That looks really cute. But you can actually find better Bobbleheads for sale from I am also a bobblehead collector and my first item was given by my dad as a birthday gift. Since then, I couldn’t stop collecting and buying one. But sometimes, it’s really hard to look for the character you want so I usually have them customized.

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