Bob Probert Was A Fine NHL’er

It’s just terrible to learn that Bob Probert has passed away. He was only 45 for gawd’s sakes. He had another 40 years.

But the heart gave out on this guy who was the ultimate hockey enforcer – a guy who could play and who was the toughest guy in a league full of tough guys. He was simply a naturally great fighter on skates, and rarely was anyone ever excited about having to go with him. And because of the respect he earned on the ice, he was an important cog in the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks wheels.

Probert had some substance issues over the years, but from all accounts was a great guy, and although he wasn’t a star in the NHL, he made his mark in his own way and will be missed by players and fans everywhere.

6 thoughts on “Bob Probert Was A Fine NHL’er”

  1. That’s not right. It was just a few months ago he was figure skating and lifting Kristina Lenko up all around MLG.

    Probert was one of the best heavy-weight enforcer tough guys in the league. With him on the wing, no one would dare call his team-mates short or smurf.

  2. I wish we had a Bob Probert-type now on the Habs, Christopher. BGL was no Bob Probert.

  3. he could play on my team any-day……. that was when the players policed themselves, perhaps not a perfect system but far better than the instigator rule causing the high sticks and hitting from behind.

  4. Absolutely, Hobo. He could play on mine too. And it was a time when, like you say, they policed themselves, and I for one like a good old scrap on the ice as much as anybody. This non-fighting nowadays isn’t good for hockey.

  5. Really sad news. One of the tuffest guys to ever lace’em up. I think everybody can agree that he would be welcomed on the team you cheer for any day of the week. As tuff as he was he had a little finish to him as well, his stats from 1987 are impressive to say the least : 29 goals 62 points 398 PIMS.

  6. I will keep this short, Bob was the John Fergeson of his era.
    Cheers from the East!!
    PS: Are you still seeing Dr. Summeroff??

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