Bob Gainey’s Really Weird Idea. And Brian Burke Is Probably Very Nice At Home.

Bob Gainey, at the GM’s meetings, proposed a change in the game that can be looked at as either brilliantly innovative, or completely laughable. Either way, it’s interesting.


Gainey’s idea is to make it illegal for a player to slide across the ice to block a shot, therefore creating more offence, more shots on goal. He wants to do away with exactly what he and Guy Carbonneau did on a nightly basis when they both played.


Players would have more teeth if this was implemented. There’d be less bruises, less chance of getting killed. I suppose that’s one way of looking at it.


Goalies would hate it. More blasts from the blueline getting through.


Players with less guts than players like Gainey and Carbonneau would love it because then they wouldn’t have to look silly by not diving in front of a Sheldon Souray shot. They could say to the coach, “I would’ve slid and blocked it but it’s against the rules so I couldn’t.”               


Don Cherry would hate it, because not doing this hard-core type of thing isn’t lunch-pail hockey.


Fans might like it because of the added offence. Fans might not like it because a good fan likes to see the brave and unselfish task of blocking a shot in the face for the good of the team.




It’s never good when a fairly good team starts slow out of the gate because eventually they’ll break out of it and there’s always that chance they’ll break out of it against your team.


You have to figure that the Anaheim Ducks, with players like Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger, will figure things out eventually. Right now, before their game with Ottawa Friday night, the Ducks’ record stands at two wins and five losses, which is quite mediocre to say the least.


The Ducks certainly have one thing going against them – the incredibly stupid name, ” Ducks,” which is only slightly less stupid than “Mighty Ducks.”


And Brian Burke is probably an excellent front office-type, except he always looks like his boxer shorts have too much starch in them. And his “I’m smarter than you” attitude, his childish fights with Kevin Lowe, and his distaste of reporters’ questions makes you think he’d rather be doing something more important, like running the world.


I was told once by an ex-sports editor of the Calgary Sun that Burke and former league executive Brian O’Neill were the two most miserable characters he ever had to deal with in the NHL.


Habs and Ducks Saturday night.


Go Habs.


May the Ducks lose like they’ve never lost before.





4 thoughts on “Bob Gainey’s Really Weird Idea. And Brian Burke Is Probably Very Nice At Home.”

  1. No losses in regulation! That’s something to be happy about.

    And yes, lets hope the Ducks lose.

  2. Interestingly, Komisarek talks about his shot-blocking techinque on the Habs site and it involves doing basically what Gainey suggested … could balance and control trump frantic abandon? Perhaps, if this technique proves to be more efficace that throwing one’s body across the ice, this is one direction in which the game will naturally evolve into a more refined exercise without the need for official intervention.

  3. I have nothing against Gainey’s idea. I really don’t like it when a player slides down on his stomach anyway… Not just ’cause it makes me nervous with their head closer to pucks and skates, but because they’re completely out of play, so if the maneuver didn’t work, they’re screwed if they can’t get back up fast enough. I see the Habs blocking shots just fine without much sprawling anyway. (Pretty much exactly how Komisaurus describes his game).

    I’m hoping for a good game tonight. Taking my friend from work to his first Habs game and first taste of crazy hockey life in Montreal. His only previous exposure to live hockey has been Boston/Providence. It’s currently cold, miserable, and pouring rain right now, so I could use a good game to make this day better…

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