Bob Gainey Tosses Money Bags At Tomas Plekanec?

Tomas Plekanec avoided arbitration by signing with the Canadiens for $2.75 million dollars for one year.  And he’s a lucky lad. Because if he would’ve went to arbitration, the arbitrator might have told him he was worth about two million less than he signed for.

Plekanec had all of 39 points last season which is completely unacceptable for an offensive forward whose job it is to be an offensive forward. Thirty-nine points isn’t being offensive. It’s offensive that he wasn’t offensive. Plekanec was one of the reasons the Canadiens did well two seasons ago, and was a big reason they stunk like a duffel bag full of my old hockey gear last season. 

Now this huge under-achiever signs for almost three million dollars. What a great job it must be being a hockey player. You can accomplish almost nothing and make millions. And you can get a million dollar raise for absolutely no reason, like Plekanec has just done.

I wish he would’ve gone to arbitration. It’s there they hear all the painful truths. It’s there players are told what the coach and management really thinks of them as hockey players. It’s not an experience for the weak-hearted or emotionally fragile. But Plekanec avoids all this torture, and Bob Gainey gives him a wheelbarrow full of money instead.

Either they trade Plekanec, or he’d better shape up and put more points on the board than a measly thirty-nine. This will be another in a long line of wait-and-sees for this team. Canadiens fans have no time for overpaid floaters who accomplish almost nothing for a team which desperately needs all hands on deck at all times. If he has another season like the last, Plekanec will have robbed the Canadiens in broad daylight.

At least Tom Kostopoulos, a player not expected to rack up points, got his nose dirty. And he had only eight points less than Plekanec last year.

12 thoughts on “Bob Gainey Tosses Money Bags At Tomas Plekanec?”

  1. It’s entirely possible there might be a trade in the works involving Plekanec, but who knows. But if he’s with the Habs this year, he’d better pick up his socks. The team’s moving on and he’ll be left behind.

  2. Technically not overpaid but in the eyes of most Habs fans ZombiePleks is earning too much. The only bonus is that he didn’t (I know he couldn’t) bail and become a traitor and join the leaf.

  3. For me, though, the bottom line is he was such an under-achiever and yet is getting a million dollar raise. And almost three million for an under-achiever doesn’t sit well with me and most other blue-collar workers, not to mention the fact that he was a shining example of all that was wrong with Montreal last season.

  4. He’d just better earn his money this year. And if the media in Montreal wants to really zero in on one Hab in particular, he’s the guy they should start with. Pretty sweet, getting almost three million for doing almost nothing.

  5. Dennis,

    I’m still concerned about a lack of a second scoring line. No matter who Pleks had as linemates last year did not make a difference. People like to blame Kovy for Pleks and AK46’s failures, but as we all saw when Kovy had decent linemates he shined. Give Pleks till Crhristmas and if he’s not producing trade him. I can’t imagine after what Gainey has just done this summer that he’ll have any patience for slackers.

  6. Kovy was so great in the playoffs and no way is he to blame for these guy’s performances. And you’re absolutely right, Moey, Gainey will show no patience, especially after blowing up the team like he has. I say put a package together and get one more impact player.

  7. Does anyone know which side initiated the arbitration and what were the proposed salaries between which the arbitrator would have had to chose? Also does the side that requests arbitration have to propose a salary first or are the proposals made simultaneously?

    It’s unfair that Plekanec gets a 50% / $1M raise for sucking, but by the same token he was severely underpaid last year based on the previous year’s results. His numbers for next year can only improve from his career worst performance of the last season. It was probably just an aberration.

    I think your onto something with the idea of a trade. Montreal is still desperately short-handed at right wing. Unless something happens by the end of training camp, I think simply finding an equivalent quality RW for Plekanec would be an improvement. Lapierre seems closer to being ready for a 2nd line role than Latendresse.

  8. Both sides submit what they feel is fair and deserving value for this player, then the team tells the arbitrator the player sucks and doesn’t deserve a raise and the agent says the player has done so much for the team he deserves a raise and then the arbitrator lights a stogie, sits back, and weighs the evidence. By this time, the player is quite pissed at the team for saying bad things, but the team believes money is more important than warm and fuzzy. I also think arbitration can be an automatic once a player reaches free agency status. Plekanec was wise to avoid arbitration because the team would tell things he wouldn’t really want to hear.

  9. Hi Dennis, 3 million a year for doing nothing? Let me know when you finally buy the team, I’m available for 2 million for nothing. A bargain. Can’t wait to start working for you.

  10. Looks like Molson’s has swept in and sideswiped me. So I may or may not be owning the team. However, I still might be stickboy but not sure I’ll be making enough to pay you for doing nothing. Maybe you could pay me for doing nothing!

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