Blues Slow Down Speedy Forward Ryan O’Byrne

I’ve got to find myself a new sport. Bowling maybe. Marbles. Juggling chainsaws. Looking for dinosaur bones. Is that a sport?

Anything but hockey and the Habs.

Note to the Canadiens coaches: Just because Ryan O’Byrne scored on his own net a little over a year ago doesn’t mean he’d make a good forward.

Is it just me or is that the strangest coaching decision we’ve seen this year?

Wrap up of game tonight: St. Louis wins 4-3 in overtime. Habs stink for two periods, play better in the third, come back from a 3-1 deficit, tie it with 30 seconds left, and proceed to lose in overtime.

That’s the wrap up. Interesting? Nope. But at least I didn’t fork out a couple of hundred clams to see it in person and doze off periodically in my seat. Instead, it was in the comfort of the living room with Pierre McGuire serenading.

Oh, you want more? But what can I say that Pierre didn’t already say. I could mention the do’s and don’ts of Scott Gomez, Carey Price, Max Lapierre, O’Byrne playing forward, some kid on St. Louis who looks about 15, and lots of other things, but Pierre already covered all that. And I’m sure over at RDS, Houde and Brunet and a cast of thousands talked about the very same stuff in the other official language.

Random Notes:

Canadiens travel to New Jersey to play the Devils on Friday. Looks to be an O’Byrne-Brodeur dual.

Benoit Pouliot scored two and Carey Price got into a little brouhaha after some dude with muscles on his face named Cam Janssen steamrolled over him when both were racing for the puck.

There, another excellent and interesting thing for the story.

Plus!! They showed several live shots of Bell Centre employees selling hot dogs. I thought that was also quite interesting.

20 thoughts on “Blues Slow Down Speedy Forward Ryan O’Byrne”

  1. Hey Dennis;I goit to watch the game,Habs didnt play well in the first two periods at all.They made a showing in the third but I thought they had it in the bag in ot until the blues scored.Well I geuss we have to wait for the Devils

  2. Is D’Agostini injured or was this supposed to be a kick in his pants. Being replaced by O’Byrne and Darche is about as bad as it can get.

    Watching that hit Price gave Janssen, maybe he can be our power forward when not in net. He’s got good size too, lets park him in front of the opposition net.

  3. Derry, they didn’t play well at all for two thirds of the game. It’s getting sadder and sadder.

  4. can’t understand why the boys are not buying into the system.
    can’t go looking for anouther coach.
    can’t stand another game like that.

  5. Marc, a few more games like that and I’m going to start watching cricket. That was too much. The last three games have been too much.

  6. Marc, I like a previous comment from Chris who said because Carbo’s still being paid, put him behind the bench with Martin. I just don’t understand how Martin thought O’Byrne would be effective up front. Maybe there’s an explanation. I don’t know.

  7. Right on, V!!! I’m grabbing my popcorn and settling in for cricket! Thanks! It’s gotta be easier on the system.

  8. Hey dennis

    hehe nice to read your view on this disaster, very funny! at least something to laugh at this harsh times. that martin-guy cracks me up because he ruins all in less than 5 months.

    greetz from switzerland

  9. Thanks, flow. It’s a bit of a mess right now. C’mon over and see for yourself. Hello to beautiful Switzerland.

  10. Dennis, if the boys don’t show signs of life soon I will be watching other more exciting things as well such as:

  11. Thanks Dennis. I have been in discussions with the Molsons and we have formed a partnership. They will do the marketing and I will get a cut for my idea. Together, we plan to charge people anywhere from $100 to $500 or more to sit down and watch paint dry for three hours.
    Judging by the guaranteed sellout crowds at the Bell Centre, there is a very high demand for this type of breathtaking spectacle — and people who are willing to pay top dollar to go see it.

  12. Good idea Danno. Do you have to share part of your cut with the Devils? They’ve been doing it for years. They rarely get the sellouts even though the drying is usually successful and the fans go home happy.

  13. This is going to be huge Christopher. Me and the Molsons aren’t stopping with North America. It’s going global as in the IPDL – the International Paint Drying League; and yes the New Jersey Devils deserve a sizeable cut too since they have been among the best in providing this level of entertainment for years.
    Dennis, you can have any colour you want, so long as it’s beige.

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