Blue Bayou’s Beautiful Card

Blue Bayou (Donal Foley) is quite a guy. He’s a London, Englander, as fine a wordsmith as you’ll find, and his ramblings about his Chelsea football team are brilliantly funny, silly, and knowledgeable. He’s like Shakespeare on peyote.

Best of all, he’s also a huge Habs fan.

But aside from great writing, Chelsea, and the Habs, Blue Bayou is also a dad, and I’d bet my last steak and kidney pie and Bass Ale that he’s a great dad.

This past Father’s Day, this “Great” Britainer was given a beautiful card from his two kids, which he sent me photos of.

(And if you want to see how this fellow works a keyboard, he can be found, along with other Chelsea guys, right here – Blue Bayou).

3 thoughts on “Blue Bayou’s Beautiful Card”

  1. Dennis,

    Thank you for your very kind words, but I’d feel more confident in my parenting abilities if my son hadn’t declared himself a Flyers fan.

    By the way I think the net is empty because the kids understand the only way to solve Tim Thomas is to get him out of the paint. A quick “shake and bake “has left him floundering out of picture to the right.

  2. Hey Dennis

    I’ve been an Arsenal fan since my first trip to the UK in 1973.It was kinda sad to see the demise of Arsenal Stadium(aka Highbury).

    As far as Stamford Bridge is concerned it was quite a mess when I saw Chelsea play Ipswich Town in the mid 1970s.Stamford Bridge was open at one end and the other end was a crumbling terrace.It has been upgraded many times but Chelsea need/want a bigger ground.

    Another Chelsea fan(Longy):

    and his former ‘punk rock’ blog:

    I got a nice vinyl rip of Jimmy Pursey’s ‘Imagination Camouflage’ album off Punk Friction.An album never on CD but a favourite of mine.



  3. Hi Doug,
    I don’t know much about Arsenal but Blue Bayou would for sure. The only big-time soccer game I’ve been to was in St. Petersburg, Russia to see Zenit play Moscow Lokomotiv. It was quite fun but I’ll bet seeing a game in England would be an absolute blast. You’re very lucky to have experienced this. It’s on my list of things to do before I pay a visit to the Rocket, Morenz, Boom Boom, Toe, and the rest. I’m going to post this now and then have a look at the links you’ve sent. And Doug, do you live in Powell River?

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