Blog Boggling

If you think there are several things missing from the right side of my page, it’s because they are indeed missing. I’m not happy about this and am now in the process of trying to solve the mystery.

I hate it when my blog goes on a bad acid trip. Have Bruins fans tampered with this?


9 thoughts on “Blog Boggling”

  1. I think this is a Word Press site. I have a Word Press blog, and not too long ago my host notified me that someone had put an unwanted script on my blog — not just mine. They suggested adding a plugin called WordPress Firewall 2.

    I follow another WP blog where the same things are happening as in yours, so something is going on. Whether it’s the same script that I had, I don’t know. I think it would be good to install the firewall, whatever is going on, and then change your password.

  2. Dennis, I noticed latetly that it takes a long time for a comment to load on to the site and that it doesn’t always appear after you submit it. It’s only after you refresh the screen that you can see if it was posted. This never happened before and maybe it’s connected to the trouble you are having with the right side of the screen. Hope it all works out soon.

  3. Hey Dennis,What Danno has said ,I have been experiencing the same thing.I went through this before on your blog though ,so didnt worry about it .I;m sorry but cant help you out with this.Well at least you are on the sunshine coast eh.

  4. The test comment I just put up loaded quickly and without the problem I described earlier. Looks like things are back to normal again.

  5. Thanks, Danno. It’s not perfect but better than it was. even before I read your comment, I saw that you had two up and I knew right away that you were testing. Much appeciated.

  6. Dennis, I don’t know if it’s related, but my Reader feed was having problems with this site between May 7 and May 18. I got the May 6 post about Orr and Gretzky fine, but then the next few days worth up to May are completely lost. The early May 13 post that it would be the Sharks against the Canucks and the subsequent ones made it through but not until May 19. All comments between May 7th and 17th were also lost in my Reader feed.

  7. Gawd, I’m concerned about all this, Chris. It’s also still slow tonight. I just hope it magically all goes away.

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