Blitzed In Big Apple


It was like watching a sampling of last year’s Eastern Conference Final between the Habs and Rangers. Habs couldn’t do much, the Rangers could.

The Canadiens just didn’t seem to have their legs, losing 5-0 to a Rangers team that was in control from start to finish. Basically every guy throughout the Canadiens lineup had an off night and need a good solid scolding from their mothers.

Serious pressure on Henrik Lundqvist was basically non-existent. Loosey goosey defence. Glaring mistakes that led to goals, from Alex Galchenyuk swatting the puck towards Dustin Tokarski instead of away from him and which landed on a Ranger stick, to Alexei Emelin getting stripped of the puck by Martin S. Louis, to Tom Gilbert being soft with his man in front of the net, to the forwards and defence letting Rick Nash waltz in alone.

But it’s fine because the nasty stretch has ended, a stretch that began on November 5th and ended on November23rd, 10 games in 19 days, and because the schedule maker has some sort of twisted sense of humour, the boys don’t play again until next Friday, 5 days from now.

But this thing definitely smelled of last year’s playoffs. The Rangers outskated the Habs by a country mile. And last year’s Rangers heros Lundqvist, St. Louis, and Moore were heros on this night too.

Montreal showed almost no attack and it was a fairly easy night for Lundqvist. Except for that fun time when Brandon Prust collided with him and which led to Kevin Klein dropping the gloves with Prust, which led to Prust pounding Klein with a flurry of knuckle sandwiches.

Random Notes:

Rangers outshot Canadiens 34-21, and now the Habs moms are free to party in Manhattan. Look out New York.

Next game – Habs in Buffalo on Friday, and then the two teams are back at it in Montreal on Saturday.



5 thoughts on “Blitzed In Big Apple”

  1. Hope the Rangers don’t become to us what we are to the Bruins—si-ki-logi-kal nemesis.
    Where’s the old P.K.—-the P.K. who’d fly up ice with the fans on their feet,the other guys in pursuit, one hand on his stick, one arm holding others at bay, circling the net, cruising the blueline east to west,passing it to #–, or taking the shot on net. The P.K. who had imagination and spontaneous combustion acceleration and moves??? Oh yeah——de coach no want him dat way; he got to play de game de MY way, be de con-serve a tiff type ya know, so de great coachie get de credit for making de P.K. dah good de fence man he is. P.K. is a rare breed of a player and you DON’T TRY TO CONTAIN THOSE TYPE IN A BOX WITH A SET SYSTEM!!!Smarten up coach. Let him play. The “Did you see that!!!!!” will outnumber the ” oh no” any game. But you can’t “coach” or “teach” that so Thornbush wouldn’t get the credit—–and the fans miss out on something special.
    There, I vented— a compromise between a jig-saw puzzle and smashing a radio after a blow-out loss. There is hope!! But please don’t let Rangers/Habs become like Habs/Bruins.

  2. Disgraceful, a complete botch up, what the f!ck! is this a joke? Come on! I knew it , the minute I heard that Price would not goal, I thought they’re done for. And Lo, it came to pass. Like everyone else, you gotta wonder what fate hands this team.All the chances to go to the top stay there and be big winners, and then this sort of fiasco. As with the Penguins. My quick take on it is this; if the Habs don’tlearn to beat these teams they won’t win the cup. And everyone wants them to win, and inmy humble opinion, Subhan is a too much and his ego is becoming an embarrassment. That picture of him and Bobby Orr , Orr looks strained (in his head he’s thinking I gotta be nice, he’s a kid). Subhan got cocky with the media the other day one last time for my money he took shots at everyone of us saying “Oh some people got their noses out of joint because of our power play.” Fck him is what I say. Millions of bucks to lose like this? what is this crap. ANyhow, I turned off the game after the 2nd goal. I knew they were done for.

    I hope that one day this team learns to play like the team they are named after. God, let them get some stature! and not just points!

  3. P.S. There’s an article I am reading whose title says it : Will the Real Montreal Canadiens stand up? which can be found at

    I know I may sound excessively hard on Pk, but one can never be hard enough on a millionaire defense man! hahahha Habs, no getting away from this manic depressive team.

    However, I stand by what I said; if they don’t learn to beat the Rangers, the Penguins, and teams along those lines their foundation will smash to pieces in the play offs . You can’t run on empty forever.

  4. Bill, I’m looking at it differently. I don’t feel there should be an overreaction, at least until they take a real nosedive which they haven’t yet. They’re tops in the league, have put together numerous fine outings, and yes they’ve been hammered but they’re still at the top. I’m waiting if and when they go into a a very mediocre phase, then I might come out guns a blazing. But until then, I’m sticking with being proud of what they’ve accomplished so far.

  5. I think the biggest thing in common between the first game of last season’s conference final and this game was that both games followed decisive wins over Boston. It’s great to beat them, but it doesn’t mean we get to take the next game off.

    I do agree with the Eye’s on the Prize post with respect to our fourth forward line and third defence pairing. Getting rid of Bourque and Moen was good for the team, but they need to be replaced with another forward. And I want to see Beaulieu and/or Tinordi playing and getting experience. I’m tired of Therrien only allowing experienced players to make mistakes. Here in Ottawa, there’s no shortage of excuses to cover up Erik Karlsson’s defensive short-comings.

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