Blew It Again

I blew it then and I’ve blown it now. Once again I’ve missed being in the Olympics. Below is my blog post from four years ago, and from then to now, I never managed to get my shit together.

It’s been such a disappointment for me. I had fully intended to be in the Beijing Olympics, probably as a gymnast, but 2008 just crept up on me and before I knew it, the Olympics are in full swing and I never got a chance to practice or anything.

But I’ve decided to change gears and concentrate on the London Olympics four years from now. This will give me time to train, and find a new sport because my wife and friends finally convinced me that overweight people a thousand years old aren’t usually gymnasts.

But archery, now that’s a sport! And I noticed in the paper a little story about Canadian archer Jay Lyon, who says, “I’m not much of an athlete. I eat a lot of McDonald’s, and I’m probably overweight.”

But I’m an athlete. I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers Bantam hockey team, for goodness sakes. And I don’t care much for McDonald’s.

However, I like beer and sitting in a chair.

Watch for me in London four years from now. I’ll be the one with the bow and arrow and several beer in the quiver.

6 thoughts on “Blew It Again”

  1. DK, I hate to tell you this, but the opening ceremonies in London are today July 27/2012!

  2. Mike, yes I know. It crept up on me and now I’m not participating. I’m quite pissed.

  3. Dennis, I recommend you amputate one of your legs or arms and apply to the Special Olympics. Go to a hospital and get it professionally done. Don’t do it at home (unless you use your DKRFSB as an anesthetic). If you consider yourself overweight I would recommend a leg. That should knock off about 15 lbs. Two birds with one stone. Good luck.

  4. Mayo, that’s a fantastic idea. What about a finger or toe? And not only would I get into the Olympics, but I’d also get off work. It’s a win-win. Thanks for this.

  5. Dennis you might have better luck lobbying to get beer drinking made an official Olympic event!
    On another note I was showing another niece, who is a Leafs fan, my shirt and she was quite impressed. She told me she has a Darcy Tucker sig on a Starbucks cup which is kind of cool too and her brother is working out at Ian White’s camp here on Lake of the Woods. Anyway it got me thinking about the signatures and who didn’t sign and I remembered Louis Leblanc and I got looking at the one just below and to the right of Patches which I think you identified as Josh Gorges. Do you think it could be LL 71?

  6. It’s possible, DJ, that it’s Leblanc. In fact it really looks like it. I went by examples on eBay and on several it looked like a Josh Gorges scribble. But now that I’ve looked at Leblanc’s on eBay, I’d say it definitely could be.

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