Blast Boston (And Other Nice Thoughts)

I’ve got two big things on my mind. And both are about to take place.

Montreal goes into Boston Thursday night and although it’s about two points, of course it’s not only about just two points. It’s about encountering Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic, Shawn Thornton, weasel Brad Marchand, and 18,000 nasty Bruins fans following the March 8th Max Pacioretty incident in Montreal.

The greatest thing that could happen, and I know this is a huge understatement, would be for the Canadiens to win this game and win it convincingly. Set the tone for a possible post-season matchup. Get into the heads of Bruins players and their followers. Pummel the weasel and walk around Chara for the winning goal. A slapshot off Lucic’s nose and into the Boston net would be nice. Ryan White or Travis Moen sending Thornton to the dressing room in tears, a face adjustment, and that smile wiped off his mouth would be nice too.

And Bruins fans? Their misery is our joy. 

Do it all for Max.

The other big thing on my mind is the beginning of my trip to Ottawa and Orillia. Today we hop on a ferry and sail to Vancouver Island, and tomorrow it’s off to Ottawa to meet family and old friends, along with new friends I’ve never met and am anxious to do so – like Danno and Christopher and hopefully others too when we gather at Liam Maguire’s pub March 30th.

I hope they’re not too disappointed when they meet me.

It should be an excellent adventure. The whole thing. Although to see my dad in an old folk’s home might be slightly strange.

Many of my family have never met my wife Luciena and it’s about time, don’t you think? We’ve been married for ten years.

But first, c’mon Habs, do it right.

9 thoughts on “Blast Boston (And Other Nice Thoughts)”

  1. Be very afraid all you Ottawa Senseless fans “THE KANEINATOR IS ON HIS WAY!!” to set you all straight! GO HABS GO!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  2. Although I think it would be a bad idea for our Habs to get over-physical because they’d end up in the box all night, I’d like to see P.K. give his hardest slapshot ever from the slot and nail Chara betwixt the legs. Then Chara could quit hockey and be an opera star. Have a safe and happy trip buddy. Cheers.

  3. i’m sure ernie will love the bottle of whiskey you bring him and i know he is proud of you despite the degenerate friends you hang and have associated yourself with.

  4. I’d like to see the Habs win. No fighting, just win. From what I hear, Boston is already heating up. I would NOT like to be a Habs fan there. I have an ugly feeling there will be goons at the game.

    Have a wonderful trip and give your Dad many hugs and tons of love.

  5. Hey Dennis,Well I’m sure you will have a great trip and visit,Liam Maguires pub is ok,I was there a couple of years ago and I met him at the junior tournament in Regina a years and half ago.I guess we are all pretty much hoping that the Habs kick some bears in the ass tommorow,game time 4pm.

  6. Come on over Dennis, Ottawa, Orillia, hell all of Ontario is eagerly awaiting the return of its favourite lost son. How could we be disappointed when we meet you, you’re bringing your wife aren’t you?

    I foresee a big win tomorrow, but it won’t be pretty, it will be butt-ugly. In Boston with their goon team and goon fans, how could it be anything else?

  7. Hi Dennis! Enjoy your trip and introducing Luciena to your family. You are NOT a procrastinator after 10 years, 20 years would be though.

    Please remind all your readers not all Bostonians are thugs. 🙂

  8. Diane, of course not all Bruins’ fans are thugs. But the problem is, thugs or not, they hate my team.

  9. Dennis, I’m the exception to the rule. Players will be traded and salary cap will be in place. GO HABS GO!! Still a fan of hockey and most of the players in the 30 teams. Sorry about the loss last night. Not rubbing it in or singing Ole Ole like Sister Nancy would do. When you’re the owner, heads will roll for this kind of performance.

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