Blame The Look Of Hockey Fans On The Beatles

Things were going so well. Rinks in Montreal, New York, Toronto, Boston, Chicago and Detroit were filled with people looking like they were going to church and went in the wrong building by mistake. Fedoras, shawls, hats with feathers in them, polished shoes, diamonds, all on display in the seats above as players grunted and spit and smashed noses in below.

It was the perfect blend.

Then those darn Beatles and others with guitars and drums showed their faces, wearing longer hair than people were accustomed to, and it was the beginning of the end. As the months turned into years, jeans and ragged shirts added to the long hair and it all became the style of the day that has lasted even to now.

Hockey fans, of course, were not immune, and were quickly swept away by the look brought by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the rest, and soon, fedoras, shawls, diamonds, and hats with feathers in them were sadly put in trunks and only brought out when the kids were dressing up for Halloween.

Now, instead of looking like a million bucks, fans have taken to wearing hockey jerseys to games. It’s weird, yes it is, but they have. And NHL owners are sitting back looking at their jersey sales receipts and lighting cigars and drooling.

Blame it on the Beatles. If they would’ve shown up on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 with brushcuts and fedoras, arenas might still look like churches.

But the Forum, Maple Leaf Gardens, Boston Garden, Madison Square Gardens, Chicago Stadium, and the Detroit Olympia WERE cathedrals, weren’t they?


One of the things I’m most proud about is the fact that I saw the Beatles live, in Toronto, in 1966. The following is a small post I did a couple of years ago about this huge event in my life. Seeing The Beatles

8 thoughts on “Blame The Look Of Hockey Fans On The Beatles”

  1. Hockey is a religion and the Rocket was too polite and respectful to say it (I’m not), but he was more popular than Jesus.

  2. And Chris, when Lennon said that I knew exactly what he was talking about and I couldn’t understand all the fuss. The Beatles were more popular than Jesus. It was just a fact.

  3. Dennis, here’s another one…

    Georges, the Lean Mean Green Machine

    There once was a goon big and mean

    Georges Laraque was a fighting machine

    Then he discovered the code

    And was told “Hit the road!”

    Now he’s turned a new leaf and it’s Green

  4. Religions don’t handle facts very well, the Catholic Church especially. It was only a couple months ago that the pope forgave them. Almost 45 years after the fact, 40 years after the broke up and 30 years after Lennon’s death.

  5. I don’t much like the Beatles. I’m more for the Stones. Like Batman/Superman people, there are Stones/Beatles people. My mom and I are the Stones, my dad and my brother are the Beatles. Funnny how that works.

    Nowadays if you walk into an area wearing a suit, fedora, polished shoes, diamonds, and shawls, they think you’re corporate and probably got in with company tickets.

  6. Marc, that is very cool and very special. There’s a documentary movie called Elvis on Tour that I really love and always say I wish I could have seen Elvis.

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