Blair Betts Newest Hab

Montreal has a new defensive centreman after claiming Blair Betts off waivers from Philadelphia. Betts now has a golden opportunity to be an important guy on the fourth line, kill some penalties, and help his new team become even more well-rounded.

Betts’ numbers are right here.

With 6’3″, 210 pound Betts joining the team, Andreas Engqvist has been sent down to Hamilton, which is a bit of a relief because Betts is much easier to spell than Engqvist.


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  1. Ya I have the same gripe about Enqvist’s name too. It’s one of the worst to type, especially on the mini-computer keyboard even tho I have small fingers. Am going to have to overlook the fact that he used to suit up for the Ugly Orange Ones tho. Since he never burnt us consistently like Erik Cole did, I suspect it’ll be an easier adjustment tho.

  2. Tyg, The Ugly Orange Ones is such a great name. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that sometimes.

  3. My e-mail to Shannahan!
    Brendon, I have loved you being in our game since you were in junior, you always gave it your all. You have taken on the biggest job for the safety of players in this era in the game. 5year old kids and up are putting their brains and their lives in your hands, and I am so proud of you for doing so.

    But if we are going to save bodies and lives by getting contact to head out of our game, then even a one game at minimum for the Campoli hit, would have a the very least sent a message. You dropped the ball here my friend and your credibility has been very badly shaken. Please remember, we have to get it out of the game now. Moms are going to continue to stop putting their 5 year olds in the game.

    Yours in our game,
    Ian Cobb

  4. Somebody posted on HIO that over the past four years Blair Betts has the 2nd lowest goals against average on the penalty kill (among player who’ve played at least 500 minutes). He’s just behind Tomas Plekanec who is the leader in that department.

    This combined with the fact that he’s good on faceoffs could very well mean that Pierre Gauthier made an excellent acquisition in picking up Betts.

    Remember how many faceoffs we lost in the playoffs? That could be about to change. Betts won 50.3 percent of his total 817 faceoffs last season and the sturdy centreman should help in the penalty kill department as well.

    Another piece of the puzzle clicks nicely into place.

  5. That’s good news, Danno. We had a terrible time on faceoffs last year, especially Plekanec. I like Betts’ size a lot too.

  6. And he didn’t cost a lot either by NHL standards. a two-year deal at $700,000/year is peanuts. I think Pierre Gauthier made a really smart move.

  7. God can tomorrow come soon enough? Things seem to keep getting better and better. We desperately needed help with faceoffs and it’s good that Gauthier is trying to address our needs.

  8. I think until Eller returns his salary won’t count against the cap. When White also returns he’ll become our 13 forward. And he’s only signed until the end of the year, so it’s not even a big gamble. Laraque still counts $500K against the cap.

    Only downside is that with Weber doing double duty, Engqvist, Blunden and Palushaj may not get time in the NHL.

    In case you haven’t seen

  9. Chris, the problem is, Weber has not had a great camp. But he’s a smart player and I have faith he’ll bring it when things get going.

  10. I think some of Weber’s problems are due to uncertainty whether he’ll play forward or defence. Since he’s on a one-way contract, I don’t think he can easily be sent to Hamilton. He’ll either have to figure it out or watch from the press box.

    We have
    12 forwards on 1-way contracts + Eller
    6 defence (counting Weber) on 1 way-contracts + Subban + 3 others
    2 goalies on 1-way contracts

    That’s 22 players so we won’t be able to keep the 3 others (Emelin, Diaz and Woywitka) when everyone is healthy. We’re stuck with injuries, trades, buy-outs or not much of the newbies.

  11. It’s a lot of players, Chris, at least we have decent guys if guys get hurt. Yemelin is the guy I’m wondering about. I thought he was going to impress and he hasn’t really done that.

  12. Yemelin looked great when I went to Brossard to see the training camp. I think they told him to tone it down a little and he needs to adjust. I won’t give up on him yet.

  13. Darth, Yemelin was a star in the KHL too and I think he’s going through a new way of life change. I think he’s better than what he’s shown.

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