Birthday Boy Carey

Carey Price is 24 years old today. Happy Birthday!

I’m pretty sure Carey is more mature at 24 than I was at that age. In fact, he may be more mature than I am now.

Anyway, we have the cornerstone of the Habs foundation who hasn’t come close to his prime yet. When Tim Thomas is sitting on a porch complaining about arthritis, clipping his nose hairs, and deciding whether to change his diaper, Carey will be going strong, looking good, and celebrating Cup wins.

Enjoy your day, Carey. And a couple of Anacin before bed helps the hangover slightly.

9 thoughts on “Birthday Boy Carey”

  1. Carey, the perfect gift for all of us, win #25 before your 25th.

    In the meantime I say go with the hair of the dog remedy. You’re 24, got $$$ and nothing to worry about for another month. Then back to business.

  2. I love those Tim Thomas comments.

    I just hope that Carey wins those Cups here. If Patrick had stayed I wonder if we’d be up to 25 or 26 by now.

    It’d be fun to win the Cup just to see Jack Edwards’ head explode.

  3. Jack Edwards is an embarrassment and if Boston fans don’t think so, they’re an embarrassment too.

  4. Since I ignore all the sh*t that comes from Boston, I didn’t know who Jack Edwards was so I went Googling. From what I found almost everyone in Boston capable of putting more than 2 sentences together thinks he’s an amusing buffoon. A wannabe Don Cherry and Jerry Springer mixed mutt.

  5. Chris, this guy is a buffoon. How can Bruins fans believe they have the best franchise when they have a guy like Jack Edwards in the limelight.. I have just two words – Danny Gallivan.

  6. Christopher – I remember the report he did about us during this year’s playoffs and in it he was talking about diving and naturally we are the only team in the universe that does it (well, Vancouver as well of course). He went on and on about it like the blowhard he is, and I remember him going on about how the Rocket would be spinning in his grave if he knew what the Habs were like today (for all the diving).

    As usual he came off as an idiotic pompous ass…but I wonder how he felt about all the diving the Bruins did during the playoffs?

    Here’s a handy link:

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