Binder Bunch

Before I do the binder bunch, I want to mention that Darth and his terrific lady Lydie came to visit last night. Our first visitors in Montreal, and we were so happy to have them.

I was also proud to show them my old Canadiens scrapbook, something I’ve been doing with friends since I was seven years old.

Darth, as you might know, checks in here with his comments and fab artwork. Great people, these two, and it was a pleasure.

Now, more from the binders on a hot summer day, which includes – Charlie Hodge, Lloyd Gilmour, Harry Neale and Steve Armitage, old Forum passes, Pete Mahovlich, Rangers, Reggie Jackson, Sam Pollock, Sparky Anderson, and old Forum ticket stubs and envelope.












6 thoughts on “Binder Bunch”

  1. It was a complete blast Dennis. I look forward to “Rocket Day”. That binder was a beauty. I also can’t believe I got to meet someone famous – Gaston! I felt humbled in his presence. His greatness was just beyond compare.

    The visit was like a walk back in time, it was just truly amazing and I can’t believe how fast the time passed either. I wish we could have stayed hours more.

  2. Darth, that’ll go to Gaston’s head if he hears about this. He’d be impossible to live with. He’d probably be an even bigger asshole than he already is, so I’m not going to show him.
    Time really did go fast. It was great fun. And yes – Rocket Day! Can’t wait.

  3. You better send me that address this week so I can look it up on Mapquest and get an idea of how to get there. I think your GPS is related to Gaston and refuses to make your life easy.

  4. @Darth, you are just lucky that asshole Gaston didn’t try to hit on your lady friend Lydie!

  5. I don’t think Gaston had the guts Mike. I tower over him by quite a bit, but Lydie happens to be one tough gal. Go too far with her and she’d let him have it so hard that he’ll be spitting out splinters for the next 100 years. 🙂

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