Big Sister To The Rescue After Foster Hewitt Kept My Pen


I don’t know whether we just happened to be at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto when the Hockey Hall of Fame opened its doors in 1961, or whether my father took my older sister and I to the Hall for that very purpose. Regardless, we were there, I was ten, and I had my pen.

I got a bunch of autographs that day, including the three you see here – Clarence Campbell, Conn Smythe and Foster Hewitt. And what I remember most was that Foster was so busy talking to someone he kept my pen and I was too shy to ask him for it. So my sister had to do it for me.

Kind of reminds me of when I got stuck up in a tree and my sister had to help me down before someone called the fire department.

(Please note: The Hockey Hall of Fame moved in 1993 to its present location at Yonge and Front St. in downtown Toronto)

5 thoughts on “Big Sister To The Rescue After Foster Hewitt Kept My Pen”

  1. Big sisters, you can’t beat them! Sometimes it takes growing up to fully appreciate them. For me it was the home cooked meals when I would go over for dinner while in university.

  2. DK, your good buddy used to maintain the elevator at the new hall, but I think I spent more time sitting in the Montreal dressing room they have there! Of course I sat on the bench & just above me hung sweater #4. I even got a chance to sit in & watch Dick Irvin tape a segment for HNIC, the subject of the tape was recounting the career of None other the ” THE ROCKET “,needless to say I was thrilled & also had a chance to have a lenghthy talk with Dick.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  3. Mike, that’s a cool gig – working on the Hockey Hall of Fame elevators. If you go back there, could you please steal the Rocket’s sweater for me? Thanks.

  4. John, you’re right, big sisters are good. But it’s embarrassing when they have to get you down from a tree and then remind you about it for about a year after.

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