Big Moment For Cam

My grandson Cam is five and he started hockey this year in Nelson, BC.  He struggled because he’d never skated before, but he kept at it.

I got this Facebook message from my daughter Shannon the other day, and here’s what she said:

“So proud of my little Cam…with a rough start to the season and the only kid on the team who could barely skate, he was awarded the “Super Sport of the Game Award” for outstanding effort and sportsmanlike conduct! He was so happy that the coaches recognized him and told him how great he is.”


8 thoughts on “Big Moment For Cam”

  1. Young Cam reminds me of a smallish yet shifty right winger who used to play for the Byers Bulldozers…

    Way to go Cam! Congratulations for making everyone proud of you!

  2. DK, don’t forget Yvon Lambert didn’t get up on skates till he was eleven years old. If memory serves me correct I think his name is on Lord Stanley’s cup four times. Cams got a six year head start on him!

  3. They are so lucky to have had these coaches. saw him the 1st few times out and think if I need to go again I should get some lessons on how all that hockey gear goes on! Not sure how those little ones can skate with it all on, especially when the pants wouldn’t stay up! Sorry Cam.

  4. Colleen, I thought it was great what they did for Cam. And yes, it’s hard to play with all that equipment but they get used to it.Pretty soon he’ll be teaching you how it all goes on! 🙂

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