Big Jean, T.V. Star

I know this has already made it onto Hockey Inside/Out and normally I don’t like to step on other’s toes, but this appeared last night on Twitter before anywhere else, and and our great friend Danno contacted the fellow who put it out, Vassilios Bantourakis, and asked if it was all right if I used it here. Mr. Bantourakis answered back and said to go ahead, it’s for everyone to enjoy.

So please enjoy. Thanks Mr. Bantourakis. And thanks, Danno.

Jean Beliveau on To Tell The Truth, Nov. 19, 1957.


2 thoughts on “Big Jean, T.V. Star”

  1. That is fantastic………… I suppose I would be giving the hockey illiterate panel too much credit for choosing contestant #3 because he had Belivieau’s #4 on while big Jean wore Donnie Mashall’s 22

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