Big Hopes For Andre Markov

Andrei Markov has signed a nice three-year deal worth 17.25 million bucks, which of course isn’t chump change, and whether this works out fine for all concerned remains to be seen. It goes without saying that he hopes he’s seen the last of any kind of pain and recovery.

Imagine a healthy Andrei Markov for three solid years? If he’s feeling good and being the best he can be, the Habs automatically become one of the best teams in the league. Think of how he would have helped against Boston in the first round. Markov can be a superstar defenceman, but he has to put together a long stretch of injury-free play.

With Markov playing well and long, with the scorers stepping up just a little, and with Josh Gorges back, I may just plunk down a bet at Caesar’s Palace and pick up some easy money when the Habs go all the way.

And speaking of Las Vegas, I couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes or so of the NHL Awards. Jay Mohr wasn’t funny, and I felt myself cringing just like every other year. So after having a look at some of the wives who were on camera, and listening to Mohr for a bit, I changed the channel.

6 thoughts on “Big Hopes For Andre Markov”

  1. That’s a good to great deal if he can stay reasonably injury free. Gauthier is doing a excellent job of re-signing everyone for the same salary as last year, Markov, Gill, Kostitsyn. If he can keep this up and with the $5M increase in cap space we should be able to pick up a free agent top six forward.

  2. It’s a good idea, Marjo, but I’m sure there isn’t. It’s a gamble but it could really pay off.

  3. markov is damaged goods. 17.25 large is a lot to pay for a guy in the infirmary. some guys are injury prone and an old guy who is injury prone is not likely to reach his former worth. the old body just does not recover. i think they paid for the name markov and got an aging, damaged veteran………………IF.

  4. It sure is a lot of money, Hobo. We’re just going to have to keep our fingers crossed that this works out. This is why when I own the team someone else can be GM and I’ll stick to stickboy and making sure the wives are comfortable.

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