Big Georges Laraque Only Two Away From A Hat Trick!

It was wild and wacky, this 5-3 win over the Dallas Stars, and there’s nothing wrong with wild and wacky. Not for me, anyway. Keep those goals coming that make us smile, those Georges Laraque moments when he finally banged one home and then tackled the glass. Brian Gionta taking a stick in the teeth and potting two. Benoit Pouliot showing that even though Guillaume Latendresse is playing well in Minnesota, Pouliot, the one who came the other way in the trade, is also doing it, and scored his seventh.

And Mike Cammellari taking a rink-long pass from Roman Hamrlik, faking, doing a little spin, and confusing the hell out of Marty Turco as the puck found the back of the net.

These were all goals to make a Habs fan smile. It was one of those nights.

In fact, I’m feeling so good I’m not even going to bring up the dumb penalties some Habs players, who I won’t mention, took. Don’t worry, Max Pacioretty and Glen Metropolit, I won’t mention your penalties for holding and hooking respectively that were obvious infractions and could have cost the game. Your names are safe with me.

Carey Price in goal was, on my scale of 1 to 10, somewhere around a seven. I don’t know if you agree with that or not, but I didn’t see a spectacular Carey Price, I saw just a pretty good Carey Price. And on my scale, that’s a seven.

Random Notes:

Ottawa visits Montreal on Saturday and then the Canadiens pack up and head to Manhattan to take on the Rangers Sunday evening. Two huge games. Can’t get much bigger at this stage of the game.

They should take the train to New York the way they did in the old days.

Several good enemy losses tonight: Toronto beat Philadelphia 4-0. Ottawa shut out the Rangers 2-0. Atlanta lost to Buffalo, and Tampa Bay lost to Florida. These are all excellent losses. It’s just too bad Ottawa had to get two points.

14 thoughts on “Big Georges Laraque Only Two Away From A Hat Trick!”

  1. Laraque takes his first shot on goal this year and scores. It can be that easy. Go to net, shoot, score.

  2. Come on now, it`s much harder to score in the NHL other then just shooting the puck on net. If that were the case then Laraque would of had 2 goals as he had 2 shots, lol. The guy goes the whole season without a shot on goal then bats 500 in 1 game.
    Nice to see Cammi get his 21st, now if he can keep it going for a few games like he usually does.
    Nice write up Dennis, love the blog, great insights and lots of humor, one of my favorites, thanks man.

  3. Dennis, that’s what I like about your game summary. Elsewhere we get numbers, but with you we get a colourful picture.

    Watch out for Ottawa on Saturday. They have a new guy in nets.

    His name is Brodeur…

  4. Puckgone, thanks for that. Good game, good comments, and hope you keep reading. Now it’s time to destroy Ottawa.

  5. Danno, thanks. We’re going to murder the bums. Six goals on Brodeur. And if I tried to be a numbers guy, it’d wouldn’t be a pretty picture, that’s for sure.

  6. Hey Dennis;Nice to see a win come our way,i listened to it and was wondering if we were going to pull it off in the second,but the boys came through.Nice to see George get a goal.Ottawa next,hope we can keep them off the scoresheet and get Carey’s average down a bit.

  7. Awesome game gentlemen. I just found out CBC broadcasts the game at so you can watch it on your computer. Don’t know why I didn’t figure this out sooner. Shaw doesn’t send the RDS signal out to my area so have missed a few games. Laraque sure woke the crowd up. I doubt he has been feeling good about his time in Sliammon. Maybe this will light a fire under the team.

  8. Mayo, there is another site on line where you can catch hockey games live on your computer. This includes Habs games and many other teams that you would not normally see on regular TV. Good to have when the CBC site is not carrying them.

    Here it is:

  9. Thanks Danno. I saved the site and check it out. Gonna have to hook my computer up to my flat screen. Have a great weekend.

  10. That was definitely a crowd plaser.
    Georges’ celebration was heart warming and yet again priceless, He put in his own little spin on the Ovechkin celebration.

    As remarked before, Carey was okay. Nothing particularly great, nothing particularly bad.

    Cammy’s goal was insane, but I was hoping for a full spin-o-rama.

    All in all, WOO HOO!!!

  11. Puckgone, although Laraque officially had 2 shots on net, to me it was really only one play as he scored on his own rebound. I didn’t mean to imply that getting a shot on net automatically results in a goal. But taking a shot is usually the starting point and sometimes even the weakest shots go in. Not every goal has to be as pretty as Cammellari’s – he’s had a few cheapies in his 21.

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