Big Games On The Horizon

The Canadiens get back to work on Wednesday when Detroit comes to town, then it’s off to Pittsburgh for a Thursday evening tilt, then those wacky Maple Leafs visit the Bell on Saturday.

After that it’s a serious swing into L.A., Anaheim, Phoenix and San Jose, so the boys are in for a dandy time in the next while.

Did I mention that after they get home, they get to host the Bruins and Senators?

Jarred Tinordi has been called up, and Nathan Beaulieu, who played well for the big team before the Olympics closed things down, will continue to hone his craft in Hamilton.

I like what Bergevin and the gang are doing. They’ve seen that Beaulieu can fit in nicely and now it’s time for Tinordi to show the same type of thing.

The blueline changing of the guard is approaching fast. So is the March 5th trade deadline.

Speaking of defencemen, Andrei Markov is supposedly not crazy about a one-year, 6 million dollar offer and wants a three-year package instead.

Alex Galchenyuk’s broken hand is healed, and apparently he’s ready to go. I’ve missed the old fellow. He turned 20 on Feb. 12th.

I’m guessing that Peter Budaj will get the nod in goal on Wednesday. It’s a lot of big games in a short space coming up, and Price could use a break after stopping foreign pucks on foreign soil.

But of course I could be wrong about Budaj starting. It’s time now to put the hammer down and secure a playoff spot, and the best way would be to have Price in nets as often as possible.

Michael Bournival is still fighting concussion problems, and isn’t ready to go.

17 thoughts on “Big Games On The Horizon”

  1. Wonder if they are going to trade Andrei Markov, given that the trade deadline is coming up and he (apparently) is holding to a three-year contract demand. And, here’s hoping that PK Subban sticks it up Mike Babcock’s fanny with a big game tomorrow night!

  2. Hey Dennis, Ahh Markov…I’m thinking that the Habs will trade this guy, although he has been really good in Montreal I’ve noticed that he has really slowed down in the past couple of years, age and injury have added to his decline. I hope if they do that they will send him to where he would like to go as he has been pretty classy.

  3. Ian, I just can’t believe a one-year, 6-million contract wouldn’t be attractive to him. He’s old now and I think it’s more than fair.

  4. Dennis, he seems to be much more concerned with “term” as opposed to the dollars involved. I think that there’s a “happy medium” here at two years, $10 million, but what do I know?

  5. He has said he doesn’t want to play anywhere else but there is no way he should be signed for more than 2 years. He has to understand how it can cripple a team’s salary structure to have an over 35 player’s salary cap hit on the books regardless of his playing status, especially for the $ amount he is looking at.

  6. Markov is making 5.75 right now and he’s 35 years old. We’ve seen how he’s slowed, how players can scoot around him now. And he want\s a three-year contract, when Hal Gill would win a race against him? One year, two million max like Ian and D-John say, and even that is really pushing it. I’m inclined to say one year at six and that’s it. After that, he can find employment elsewhere. We need a changing of the guard. We need Tinordi and Beaulieu as regulars.

  7. I don’t know what they’re going to do, Derry. It’s a complicated decision for Bergevin. Especially if the guy wants three years.

  8. If the Habs can get something good in return for him they should just go ahead and trade Markov. It’s been great, but all good things come to an end.

  9. I say 2 years at 3.5 per year. After all he’s become a Canadian citizen & wants to retire a Canadien!

  10. That would be a good deal for the Canadiens, Mike, but there’s no way he’d do it. I don’t even know if he’s do two years for ten million. My brain doesn’t compute these numbers, especially when he’s not far off from retirement.

  11. I like Ian’s two years for $10M offer. With first year at $6M, the second at $4M seems fair with reasonable risk. Problem is if he insists on a third year, anything more than $2M becomes risky.
    If he thinks he can play at high level for that long he should do what Selanne and Alfredsson are doing, take it year by year, maybe he’ll deserve $6M every year based on previous year’s performance rather than from potential from long ago.

  12. Two years seems the most logical, Christopher. Three years and he might be slower than Hal Gill.It’s actually very hard to know. This is why Bergevin is paid the big bucks.

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