6 thoughts on “Big Game Tonight”

  1. Ferguson at his blueline– he took the pass–he’s at center– he,s nearing the blueline, he’s—HOLY MACKINAW, he left the puck to visit Shack at center ice —off come the gloves—down goes Shack— over comes Baun— the fists are flying— Baun is down and out—Fergy’s on fire looking for more takers——-Habs win it all. Dennis—THAT PIC MADE MY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christopher, I heard it somewhere, sometime and it stuck.Course I blend various topics into one sentence and turn the blender or medium, then empty contents. At our house Ti Cats rule!!! Not the game or the Grey Cup but oh how they stole my loyalty years ago. I do miss ‘ole #22 though. Rooting for for today’s #22–not to be the policeman—just to horizontalize folks coming over our blue line.

  3. Proudly born and raised in Hamilton, I’ve been a Tiger Cat fan for as long as I can remember. Probably started shortly after the 1972 Grey cup win.

    Learning to hate the Toronto Argos, probably taught me that I didn’t need to follow the local Leafs either. Result one more Canadiens fan.

  4. Chris, my wife needs this gadget for a bit, but I’ll be back to spur on a fellow Cat fan!!

  5. Christopher,used to cruise to streets of Hamilton as a younger man, found the folks friendly for sure. The second hand shops on Barton St. were a treat for sure. My brother-in-law used to take me to the farmers market in the 60’s. What a new experience to witness the friendly bantering over some cheese & sausage etc. Good memories of visiting Steel Town. The glory days of The Cats!!!!!Enjoyed being their fan when I lived in Tronna for a bit. And being a Habs Fan to boot.

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