Big Game, Big Win

The Ottawa Senators and their fans could almost taste first place in the Atlantic Division, and indeed, it almost happened.


Settled in overtime on goals from Paul Byron and Alex Radulov, the Canadiens stretch their lead slightly over Ottawa to two points, and if Montreal can do it  again on Sunday against those same Sens, it’ll be a fine four-point lead, with the best part being the mind game part.

The part that says the Habs know perfectly well that they can handle this red-hot bunch from . And for the Sens, it’s the sobering thought that maybe they can’t beat the Canadiens when the going gets tough.

Back and forth the two teams went in a game that was much less boring than most this season, with Andrew Shaw giving his team the lead in the second period before Ottawa would score a couple to take the lead into the third.

The final frame saw Philip Danault tie it up, and 31 seconds later, Brendan Gallagher would fire one from a bad angle to give the boys the lead again.

But with just 4:57 left, Ottawa tied it to the cheers of the four thousand Sens fans at the Canadian Tire Centre, and after a scoreless overtime, the Byron/Radu combo stole the show to the cheers of the fifteen thousand Habs fans.

A fine outing for Montreal, aside from a whack of giveaways and blunders mostly early on. And if Alexei Emelin, who was a healthy scratch on this night, has become your favourite whipping boy, maybe you could share some of your wrath now for Jeff Petry, who wasn’t any better on this night than Emelin was the previous game. Why should Emelin take all the blame?

But I really don’t want you to have a favourite whipping boy. We’re all in this together, management, players, and fans. It’s time to support our team and everyone on it, with the playoffs just around the corner.

And that includes pulling for guys who have off nights.

The Canadiens won a huge game, and makes my heart soar like birds at the fishing hole.

Random Notes:

Carey Price held the fort for the most part, and although Sunday’s game means back-to-back, we need him between the pipes for that one too.

Rest in Peace, Chuck Berry.

On this day in 1892, Lord Stanley announced that he was donating his cup to hockey. Here it is here.

7 thoughts on “Big Game, Big Win”

  1. It was a solid road win. It was extra sweet to have Ottawa-born boy Paul Byron stick the dagger to the home team in the shootout. Habs mission: Win the next two games against Ottawa and abolish the Senators.
    PS – The artist who draws those beautiful bird pictures is amazing.

  2. Byron’s a good player, eh Danno. Speedy bugger. A nice win in Ottawa against the pretenders. Just too bad they couldn’t hold the lead so the Sens wouldn’t get their loser point. And the artist? Yes, talented. Good lookin’ too!

  3. I hate winning games in a shootout, but vs the Sens I really really wanted this one.

    Julien! Give this man some tools, and who knows.

    Plekanec, Emelin, Petry=15.6 million dollars to do what for this team?

    Shane from Brandon says HI Denis!

  4. Hi Shane. Hope it’s warm in Brandon, and great to see you here. Pleks seems done but maybe he’ll find new life in the playoffs. And maybe our d-men will get their shit together. Wow, 15.6 million.

  5. Dennis, Last night’s game was one of the most exciting and intense that I’ve seen in ages. Games like that one make me a believer again __ and that in spite of my sometimes it’s all about money posture. Because when the Habs play they did __ and yeps there were some imperfect things on the ice, and there’s plenty can point what they were and who did’em __ what matters is getting to t he playoff and hopefully making a good stab at winning the Cup, and bringing it back to Canada. For the first time since 1993. Keep’em rippping brother!

  6. Hi Bill. Yep, good game and good win. Sunday’s game should be a beauty too. I still think that the team continues to tweak until the playoffs, and who knows, maybe they’ll have it all together by then and we’ll be happy campers in a big way. Confidence is a big thing, so they need a great finish to the regular season. Something to look forward to after the dismal season last year.

  7. Speaking of Lord Stanley’s Cup, here’s a Fun Fact:

    The jockstrap, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brains are also important.

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